J-Library Spring Break Hours

Spring Break Hours for the Journalism Library

Closed Saturday and Sunday, March 25th and 26th.

March 27-31st, Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Closed Saturday April 1st.

Sunday, April 2nd regular hours 6 p.m. – 10:00 pm 

Independent Voices

Independent Voices

Check out the newest database we have available through MU Libraries: Independent Voices! Explore how feminists, dissident GIs, right-wing press and many other groups used their creativity to make their voices heard in the latter half of the 20th century! Entries are full text PDFs. The database is easy to browse both by title and by date. Several collections have also been compiled into series. Dates covered are 1950-2015.

Tips and Tricks: When browsing by date, you can use the calendar view to see when other publications occured in relation to the one you're looking for!

Women’s History Book Display

Today begins Women's History Month!

To celebrate, we've asked our Library assistants to put together a display by choosing books that focused on journalist topics, women and stories that fascinated and inspired them most. We'd like to thank them sincerely for taking the time to help us with this! Thank you again, to TJ Purdy who helped us pick out some amazing photography books to give our display such a fascinating aesthetic touch! We are proud of our library assistants and hope you'll stop by to catch their work this month, again!  

Check out photos on our facebook page!

Click on each book to read why the book they picked inspired them. 















Photo Books picked by Terrance    





Black History Month

We are so excited about the great display of books that our own Student Information assistant, Terrance Purdy put together for us in celebration of Black History Month. Come by and check out all his wonderful choices! 


Resources for Journalism Graduate Students

Starting your literature review?  Make sure to check out the Journalism Graduate Student Resources Libguide.  

Whether you are an online student or here on campus.  Getting help is just an email away.  Contact Dorothy Carner carnerd@missouri.edu or Sue Schuermann schuermanns@missouri.edu to help you from start to finish.  


What is Journalism Archive Management (JAM)?

Journalists and strategic communicators create large amounts of digital content. What happens to that content after its creation? Will it be discoverable next year? In five years?  

Journal Archive Management (JAM) provides a set of best practices for journalism and strategic communication students to preserve and manage their content long after it has been created.

Learn more about JAM 

Next time you publish: claim your rights

Your article has been accepted for publication in a journal and, like your colleagues, you want it to have the widest possible distribution and impact in the scholarly community. In the past, this required print publication. Today you have other options, like online archiving, but the publication agreement you’ll likely encounter will actually prevent broad distribution of your work.

You would never knowingly keep your research from a readership that could benefit from it, but signing a restrictive publication agreement limits your scholarly universe and lessens your impact as an author.

Why? According to the traditional publication agreement, all rights —including copyright — go to the journal. You probably want to include sections of your article in later works. You might want to give copies to your class or distribute it among colleagues. And you likely want to place it on your Web page or in an online repository if you had the choice. These are all ways to give your research wide exposure and fulfill your goals as a scholar, but they are inhibited by the traditional agreement. If you sign on the publisher’s dotted line, is there any way to retain these critical rights?

Yes. The SPARC Author Addendum is a legal instrument that modifies the publisher’s agreement and allows you to keep key rights to your articles. Learn more.

This open access message has been brought to you by SPARC, the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. 

Missouri Photo Workshop – Shattering the Glass Ceiling

The latest Missouri Photo Workshop multimedia project is now online – it’s a wonderfully edited, insightful interviews with five outstanding women photographers/editors. I encourage you to check it out here on Vimeo, and it will soon be on the MPW website:


It was done by three undergrads – Annaliese Nuremberg, Whitney Matewe and Ellie Cherryhomes.

Check out more about the MPW books that have been published.  








EDT Guidance Briefs

Extended Chat Hours

Need research help? You can ask a librarian for help using our chat service–now available almost 24 hours a day.

During the day you can chat with MU librarians and library staff. At night, we offer access to a chat reference service called ChatStaff. They will be able to answer most research questions, except for some that are Mizzou-specific.

To access the chat service and see what hours chat reference is available, visit libraryanswers.missouri.edu.