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Goodbye to Duane Bittle

Goodbye to Duane Bittle as he moves on to a new position at MU. Interim plans for managing receiving room duties and mail runs are still in the works. More information will be released as it becomes available.

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In the News

“History unearthed”
Show Me Mizzou, Nov. 10, 2022

“Ask an ‘Eater: Balancing school, work and everything in between”
The Maneater, Nov. 14, 2022

home Staff news Goodbye to Courtney Gillie, LIS in Special Collections

Goodbye to Courtney Gillie, LIS in Special Collections

Courtney Gillie is leaving Special Collections to take a full-time position at the State Historical Society. Their last day with the Libraries will be Monday, November 21. Courtney has done amazing work on a variety of projects, from processing to public services, and always makes sure the Special Collections reading room runs smoothly. They will be missed!

home Staff news Welcome to Emilee Flores

Welcome to Emilee Flores

Welcome to Emilee Flores. Emilee moved to Missouri from Louisiana, where she previously worked in the circulation and ILL units for several years in Sims Library at Southeastern Louisiana University. She hopes to eventually enroll in the School of Information Science and Learning Technology here at Mizzou.

home Staff news Action Needed: Please Send Us Names of Graduating Student Workers

Action Needed: Please Send Us Names of Graduating Student Workers

We have a small gift for all graduating student workers, and we will acknowledge them on social media (with their permission). So please send the names of these students to Jacqueline and Shannon at eibenj@missouri.edu and carysn@missouri.edu by December 2. Thanks!

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New Muse Post

Holiday Party and Raku Event

home Cycle of Success, Gateway Carousel Research and Reviews with MU Libraries

Research and Reviews with MU Libraries

Written by Ashlynn Perez

In 2016, Cassie Boness, a graduate student in the Department of Psychological Sciences, set out to research and analyze the numerous causes of alcohol use disorder. The project was enormous, eventually amounting to nearly five years worth of work. With the long road to publication ahead of her, Boness contacted MU Libraries for help.

“They put me in contact with Kimberly who was so wonderful and patient in our massive undertaking,” Boness said. “I really felt more confident in the work knowing we had her expertise on board.”

Moeller, an instructional service and social science librarian and co-author of the review, first connected with Boness in 2016 when she was contemplating the project. What started as a few brainstorming emails quickly became monthly meetings and continual communication between the two when in September 2017, Boness secured grant funding and the road toward publication began.

Boness and Moeller’s review, entitled, “The Etiologic, Theory-Based, Ontogenetic Hierarchical Framework of Alcohol Use Disorder: A Translational Systematic Review of Reviews,” was written to look into the many causes of alcohol use disorder by summarizing and interpreting data from more specific reviews to make a broader conclusion about the field.

“It was a multi-step process,” Moeller said. “There’s already a lot of reviews out there, and we don’t need to recreate the wheel. So, we decided to review the reviews that exist.”

After the grueling, two-month process of narrowing down sources to reference in the review – an endeavor led by Moeller – came the coding of research and the extrapolation of data. While the initial research and writing of the review were time-consuming, the process of journal submission, receiving feedback, and making changes for resubmission took about half the time spent working on this project.

“Cassie, by and large, did the heavy lifting on this,” Moeller said. “She wrote at least 90% of the paper – likely even more than that – while I worked on the searches, the flowchart, and the methodology section. There was a lot of ‘in-between’ work that occurred as well, with searches added at different points to include other aspects or terminology that reviewers suggested.”

The review, pre-published in July 2021 and officially published in October 2021, has since been picked up by news organizations and created a buzz on Twitter. Boness is now a research assistant professor at the University of New Mexico.

For MU graduate students, staff and those interested in undertaking a systematic review like Boness’, Moeller recommends attending “Demystifying the Literature Review,” a workshop led by her and Christy Goldsmith from the Campus Writing Program. This workshop is offered both in-person and online, with a recording available on the MU Libraries YouTube channel for easy access, and explains both the research and writing process of compiling literature reviews. In addition, Moeller encourages researchers to talk to an MU Librarian.

“We [librarians] run these searches a lot,” Moeller said. “We’re very familiar and comfortable with which tools you might want to use, and can give suggestions to get you started. The librarian you work with can help you set up the search, run the initial search, export all of the results, and then you’re already a step ahead of the game.”

home Staff news Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Daylight Saving Time Ends This Weekend

Daylight saving time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, November 6. That means you should move your clocks back one hour Saturday night before going to bed. It is also recommended that you use this as a reminder to change all batteries in fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

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In the News

“MU Chancellor Mun Choi calls faculty job performance survey ‘interesting'”
Columbia Daily Tribune, Nov. 3, 2022

home Staff news United Way Treat Bags Sale a Success

United Way Treat Bags Sale a Success

The Halloween treat bags sale for Heart of Missouri United Way netted $140.00 and was a big success! Thanks to all who participated!