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Celebration of Service Comments

5 Years

Joe Askins
Joe has a strong vision for how the library presents information about our services and has strengthened how our Libraries communicate with our campus partners. He successfully restructured, promoted, and expanded our workshop programming resulting in increased attendance at scheduled workshops and new requests for on-demand programming. A faculty member commented that “…Joe is always so patient with students’ questions, as well as helping to make sure that they understand what they’re learning before moving on…I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from students about our lesson with Joe.” Thank you, Joe, for your outstanding contributions to the University Libraries’ strategic goal to be active partners in student-centered learning.
–Jeannette Pierce

Christianne Benedict

Christianne Benedict started with us as a temporary worker, and quickly proved how invaluable she was to our U2 operations. Whether it’s range planning, processing materials, or just a recommendation for the worst horror movie you have ever seen, Christianne is always there to help. Christianne, we are so glad to have you, congratulations on five years of service!
-Kevin McFillen

Seth Huber
Seth has served the UM System for 5 years, the last 3 here at MU. As Head of Cataloging, he has steered us successfully through big projects while maintaining a high level of service in day-to-day activities. His attention to detail and high standards are invaluable to the first UM ILS migration in over two decades. He is part of the MU team, but serves all the UM campuses as part of this project bringing needed leadership and guidance. I cannot thank him enough for his contributions and know that the success of our endeavors are due in large part to him.
-Corrie Hutchinson

Peter Kouba
While only at the journalism library for a few months, Peter has made amazing progress in learning the workings of the j-library. He is proactive and starts projects as soon as he is aware of them. Peter is thorough and takes great care in his work. He provides excellent service to our students and faculty. Peter is pleasant and kind, and you can sense he really cares about his work and supporting the students through our services. He is a great addition to our journalism library team. Congratulations on 5 years at MU libraries!
-Sandy Schiefer

10 Years

Eric Cusick
Circulation Desk
Evenings and weekends worker
Sleeps late, strong coffee
-Burt Fields

Jacqueline Eiben
In the 2 ½ years that I’ve worked with Jacqueline, I’ve discovered that behind her quiet demeanor is a steely determination to bring improvements to the Libraries. Known for her accuracy in note taking and her relentless pursuit of administrative paperwork, she has the expected qualities of being highly organized and taking a creative approach to problem-solving. Jacqueline is not only reliable, but she is also kind, cheerful, flexible, and supportive of her co-workers. She has a remarkably gentle way of reminding the boss of overlooked tasks and finding forgotten agenda items to bring back to LMT. We are all better off for having Jacqueline on our team! Thanks, Jacqueline, for 10 years of service at MU!
-Deb Ward

15 Years

Shannon Cary
Everyone knows Shannon as the voice of the Libraries’ communications, but few have the pleasure of working with her on a regular basis. As you would expect of someone in the communicator role, Shannon is organized, she pays close attention to detail, and she’s highly focused on accuracy and outcomes. From routine messages to the annual report, Shannon has it covered! I’ve learned in working with her that she has not only resilience, but also a calm, steady approach to her work that contributes to her success. Event planning and signage also fall in her scope of duties, and due to her solid experience with both, everyone relies on her good judgment to keep everything on track and moving forward. Thanks, Shannon, for 15 years of giving the Libraries voice and visibility within our academic community!
-Deb Ward

Ruth Feldkamp
Ruth is one of the nicest people at the library and is always willing to help however she can. Her hard work and dedication are one of the biggest reasons that keep Physical Processing running smoothly. Transitioning to a new supervisor can be tough, but Ruth has been very supportive and has helped me a lot as I figured out my role in Physical Processing. We are truly thankful to have her here in ACTS.
-Joel Kramer

20 Years

Daniel Akins
Dan Akins has been the heart of our U1 operations for the last twenty years. The depository has gone through a great deal of change recently–due to construction, large-scale collection moves, and smaller projects that change our operations—and through it all we have depended on Dan to be the rock that makes sure our day-to-day operations stay on track. Thank you, Dan, for all of your hard work, and congratulations on twenty years of service!
-Kevin McFillen

Jim Borwick
While Jim has been a member of Library Technology Services for the last two years, his brings with him an additional 18 years of excellent service to the University. I appreciate your hard work and dedication that puts into the future of the UM Digital Library, as well as the knowledge, perspective, and personality that you bring to LTS. Thank you for your service, we look forward to seeing the great things to come with the digital library and future projects.
–Ernest Shaw

Anselm Huelsbergen
Anselm is that he is an extraordinarily kind, competent and efficient leader of the University Archives. We are fortunate to have someone with Anselm’s expertise and good sense working to preserve and make accessible our institution’s history. Faculty and students regularly comment on his positive contributions to their work. One professor shared that “…Anselm really changed several of our students lives in the process of learning about archives.” A Ph.D. student commenting on his regular consultations with Anselm shared “As I pursue the rigors of a scholarly path, it is reassuring to know that I have resources at the library like Anselm I can turn to for help.” Thank you to Anselm for the extraordinary work he does for the University of Missouri as our University Archivist.
–Jeannette Pierce

25 Years

Ivy Hui
Seek! Persist! Obtain!
ILL Borrowing Queen
Pleased, grateful patrons.
–Cindy Cotner

Michael Spears
Michael joined the Health Sciences Library in 1999, previously doing IT support for the MU Law School. Throughout his time working at the Libraries he has taken on many roles including moving furniture, providing desktop support as well as web programming that have fueled continued improvement and innovation in the access and support of electronic resources. You have been such a significant part of our team, we can’t imagine our workplace without you.
–Ernest Shaw

Deb Ward
I have had the immense pleasure of working with Deb over the past several years, and no one is a greater champion of the importance of the libraries. She has led the library through challenging times, and is helping craft a vision for its future. Deb has educated me on the myriad ways the library is essential to all aspects of the university’s mission, and her passion for MU and the library’s role in its continued success is inspiring.
–Dr. Matthew Martens

home Staff news Marketing Highlight

Marketing Highlight

We had a library takeover of Mizzou’s Instagram stories during National Library Week. The stories consisted of interviews with our new peer navigator stories. We just found out those stories had 37,750 total impressions, with a 97% retention rate.

Thanks to Taira Meadowcroft and Emma Fernandez for organizing this with the student workers and Mizzou social media staff!

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New Muse Posts

Bookish Road Trips

Sometimes Less is More

home Staff news Photos Needed for Celebration of Service

Photos Needed for Celebration of Service

If you have any work-related photos from the last year that you would like to share with your colleagues, please send it to Shannon Cary (carysn@missouri.edu) by next Wednesday for inclusion in a Celebration of Service slide show. Thanks!

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New Muse Posts

DBRL Union Vote

Do You Love Wordle?

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In the News

“Deborah Ward Named Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian for University of Missouri”
Association of Research Libraries News, May 13, 2022

“Deborah Ward named vice provost for libraries and university librarian”
Show Me Mizzou

home Staff news Purchasing Request Reminders

Purchasing Request Reminders

Please send all Amazon requests to Gayle Mooney or Jacqueline Eiben instead of through Show Me Shop as we have encountered some potential problems when returning through Amazon orders purchased through Show Me Shop. For other general supplies orders not from Amazon, shoppers, please continue to use Show Me Shop.

For all toner replacement requests not on an automatic replacement plan or from a Xerox or Ricoh machine on contract, please request through PT Martin.

Some have noticed blemishes on much of the paper we order on contract from Show Me Shop. We have learned that what seem like oil residue is actually moisture left in the paper during the manufacturing process. While it is often not a problem to print on this paper for regular jobs, please contact Jacqueline Eiben to obtain a ream of higher quality paper for your department for print jobs that necessitate a superior grade of paper.

home Staff news Library Management Team 5/3/22

Library Management Team 5/3/22

LMT 05.03.22 Information and Action Items

home Gateway Carousel, Gateway Carousel ELTC, Resources and Services Changes to Library Catalog; Limited Access to Library Materials June 10-14

Changes to Library Catalog; Limited Access to Library Materials June 10-14

The MU Libraries are excited to announce a new library catalog, integrated with Discover@MU, that will launch on June 15. This new system will allow you to search for books, journals, and more all from one search box.

In preparation for the change, the circulation functions will be down June 10-14. Some delays may be possible when checking out library materials. Please consult with the Checkout and Information Desk. Requests for materials not owned by MU Libraries may be made at

If you have any questions, please visit Ask the Librarians!

Open Education Workshop for Faculty

The MU Libraries in partnership with MOBIUS invite you to a faculty workshop on Wednesday, June 15 at 1 p.m. Registration required.

  • Learn: Become familiar with open textbooks and the benefits they can bring to student learning, faculty pedagogical practice and social justice on campus.
  • Engage: Explore a book and share your expertise by writing a review of an open textbook.