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Library Space Needs in 1971

A single service desk in Ellis, a new location for Archives, and re-purposing Ellis Room 52 are some of the current topics being discussed under the umbrella of “space needs.” Back in 1971, the need for more space was a topic of interest, too. An article in the Missouri Alumnus (May 1971) highlights how crowded Ellis library and some of the specialized libraries were even then.

  • Dr. C. Edward Carroll, director of libraries “knows that the building was designed to hold two million volumes and, counting the items in the State Historical Society and the Western Historical Manuscripts collection, it already exceeds that number.”
  • “The main library building was built in 1914. It became crowded as the campus grew and a new addition was added in 1939. With time and continued growth the new addition also filled to capacity. Planners at the University fore-saw the growth and another addition was completed by 1962. Since then, more than half a million volumes have been added to the library’s shelves. The number of students on the campus has nearly doubled.”
  • “Also included in the request for next year are the funds to operate not only the main library, but also the network of seven branch libraries, housed in the professional schools. ‘The only one that has any space at all is the mathematics library,’ in the newly-opened Mathematical Sciences Building, Carroll said. If the veterinary medicine complex is built, that school will also have enough library space.”

The good news is that, despite space shortcomings, the strengths of the libraries were extolled, too:

  • “The strengths are impressive: More than 1.5  million books and 18,OOO current journals make the main library complex on the Columbia campus one of the largest in the Midwest; its microfilm collection is the second largest of any research library in the country; its rare book collection is the best in the Big Eight; it is a nationally-recognized pioneer in library computer applications … “

Additional historical details are given in the article, which is available in MOspace:  Mizzou Alumnus, 1971 May, pages 8-11.





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Concannon Co-Authors Award Winning Report

The report “Toward a Shared Agenda: Report on PEGI Project Activities for 2017-2019” has recieved the Margaret T. Lane/ Virginia F. Saunders Memorial Research Award. This award is given annually to an author or shared among collaborative authors of an outstanding research article in which government documents, either published or archival in nature, form a substantial part of the documented research. Marie Concannon was a co-author on this report.

home Staff news Adams Awarded Rare Book School Scholarship

Adams Awarded Rare Book School Scholarship

John Henry Adams has been awarded the William Reese Company Scholarship to attend “Better Teaching With Rare Materials” at California Rare Book School through Zoom in August. Congratulations!

home Staff news Library Management Team Action and Information Items 6/16/20

Library Management Team Action and Information Items 6/16/20

LMT 06.16.20 Information and Action Items

home Staff news FY2020 Librarian Promotions

FY2020 Librarian Promotions

Congratulations to all the librarians who received promotions this year!

Promoted to Librarian III

  • Nav Khanal
  • Joe Askins
  • Kimberly Moeller

Promoted to Librarian IV

  •  Anne Barker
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2020 Celebration of Service Comments

2020 Celebration of Service Comments

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New Muse Posts

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In the News

“Mizzou warns workers after ‘disruptive’ protest over replacing custodial services”
ABC17news.com, June 24, 2020

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Goodbye to Lindsay Yungbluth

Here’s a big, fond farewell for Lindsay Yungbluth.  Lindsay tells us that she “is relocating to North Carolina, where she looks forward to being closer to her brother and to the seaside and ocean (that “big, blue, wet thing“).   She will be missed more than we can say!  Good luck on all your future adventures, Lindsay!

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New Muse Posts

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