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Staff Advisory Group Town Hall Notes 10/22/20


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Book Talk with Kristie C. Wolferman: The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, a History

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Time: 4 – 5 pm
Online event on Zoom


The monumental building known today as the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art opened in 1933 owing to a set of marvelously serendipitous circumstances.

Kristie C. Wolferman, author of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: A History, will tell us the story of the widowed, reclusive Mary Atkins who left funds to build an art museum, and of the newspaper publisher William Rockhill Nelson who bequeathed $11 million to purchase works of art. After several others close to Nelson provided funds for housing that collection, trustees of multiple estates were able to come together to erect a major museum where none had existed before.

Over the years, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has grown in stature and holdings. It is now known not only for its outstanding American art, but for its Chinese and American Indian art collections and for photographs. Ms. Wolferman will virtually walk us through the museum’s history and introduce us to its dazzling 21st century renovations, including the new Bloch Building and the redesigned American Wing.

About the Author
Kristie C. Wolferman is author of The Osage in MissouriThe Indomitable Mary Easton Sibley: Pioneer of Women’s Education in Missouri; and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Culture Comes to Kansas City, all three published by the University of Missouri Press. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Library Management Team Action and Information Items 12/1/20

LMT 12.01.20 Information and Action Items

home Resources and Services Update to Library Hours for Winter Intersession

Update to Library Hours for Winter Intersession

During the winter intersession, Ellis Library will have limited hours. All libraries will be closed for the campus winter break from Dec. 25 through Jan. 3. For the first two weeks in January, Ellis Library will be open 10 am to 6 pm on Monday through Thursday and 10 am to 5 pm on Friday. The library will be closed weekends.

The specialized libraries will have varying hours and access. Visit library.missouri.edu/hours for the latest information on all campus library hours.

We are happy to continue to provide library services in a safe environment:

  • The Check-Out & Information Desk on the north side of the first floor will serve as a single service desk for assistance in the library. Visit Ask the Librarians! for online help or to schedule a consultation.
  • You are welcome to come into the library and pick your items up at the Checkout & Information desk. We are also continuing curbside service for your convenience. Information about curbside pick up is available here.

The Mizzou Libraries Are Here for You: Updates to Library Services Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic


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Call for Proposals: Spring 2021 Missouri Affordable and Open Educational Resources Symposium

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, February 1, 2021

The Missouri Affordable and Open Educational Resources Symposium invites you to share your research, ideas and best practices for using, creating or adapting A&OER.

Conference Theme and Schedule:

The theme of this year’s Symposium will be centered around the idea of CARE, an acronym for Collaborating and Adapting/Adopting Resources for Equity. We would like to explore how the A&OER community cares for others by advocating for accessibility and equity of materials. With many conference themes centered around Covid-19 and its impact on students and faculty, we thought we would take this concept one step further and explore how the use of A&OER can address the issues of unequal access to educational materials on college campuses that have become so apparent during the pandemic. This theme is inspired by the importance of using Affordable and Open Educational Resources as a means to champion social equity by ensuring accessibility of materials to all students.

The Symposium will be held virtually on March 3 – 5, 2021. Click here for more information.


We welcome proposals for presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and roundtables from faculty, librarians, instructional designers, students, and any other educator or constituent involved in creating, using, or adapting Affordable and Open Educational Resources. Proposals should keep the conference theme in mind, however, you are encouraged to shape your proposed sessions to present your unique experiences with A&OER. We strongly encourage you to actively engage your session participants with a hands-on activity or by providing them with other material they can use.

Submission Details:

  • The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2021.
  • Proposals should include: a Title; Abstract (approximately 250 words); Audience Learning Outcomes; and Information for each speaker (name, title, institution, short bio, and email address)
  • Proposals can be submitted here.
  • Submissions will be evaluated on their relevance and ability to contribute to the best practices of using, creating, adapting, and adopting A&OER.
  • The Symposium Planning Committee will notify presenters of their decision by February 15, 2021.

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Schmitz, University of Missouri St. Louis, schmitzl@umsl.edu or Scott Curtis, University of Missouri Kansas City, curtissa@umkc.edu.

For more information on A&OER at MU visit the Libraries’ Open Educational Resources guide or contact Joe Askins, Head of Instructional Services at the University of Missouri Libraries.

home Staff news SDC and WPD Resource Pick: UM System Employee Assistance Program is Here to Help

SDC and WPD Resource Pick: UM System Employee Assistance Program is Here to Help

The University Libraries Staff Development Committee and MULAC Wellness and Professional Development Committee will be sharing information about resources available on campus and in the local community. Our first Resource Pick is the UM System Employee Assistance Program and here is more information provided by James Hunter, Director of the UM System EAP office. If you have suggestions for future resource picks, please contact either SDC or WPD.

The UM System EAP offers up to five sessions of counseling for employees, members of their immediate families and retirees. Services are provided at no-cost and are confidential. The counseling service also includes referral to or linkage with a wide variety of community resources based upon assessment and intervention planning. Our counseling service is an avenue to assist employees in effectively coping with stressors in their lives away from the organization such as parenting, caring for a relative in need, maintaining a healthy marriage and family, developing positive social connections, and managing economic stressors. Employees also utilize the counseling service to manage a multitude of work-related stressors.

Often, employees seek the consultation of our EAP to address the complex intersection of personal or life stressors with adjoining work demands. Our counseling interventions aim to promote effective employee role functioning within and external to the workplace as well as address the context in which their stressors are embedded. Effective workplace counseling provided by an EAP may reduce absenteeism, turnover and health care utilization, and may improve work role performance, enhance employee engagement and serves to moderate existing health conditions such as anxiety, depression, alcohol or other substance use.

EAP Work – Life Resources are located here: https://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/benefits/eap/eap_training_programs

EAP Occupational Stress Programs are summarized here: https://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/benefits/eap/eap_occupational_stress

EAP Services for administrators are reviewed here: https://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/benefits/eap/eap_administrator_services  and https://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/benefits/eap/eap_org_consultation

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New Muse Posts

Bookish Ornaments

Warm Springs Ranch Holiday Lights Drive-Thru

home Staff news Help Us Build a Better Future

Help Us Build a Better Future

We’ve been through a lot in 2020. And we still face significant uncertainty in the coming months and years. But this moment is also an opportunity to build a better future. One that includes every person in our community.

As our country and community recovers from the pandemic, we will see greater need for years to come. Consider this:

  • 11 million Americans are unemployed (U.S. Department of Labor)
  • 7% of the population of Columbia lives in poverty (Boone Indicators Dashboard)
  • More than 1 in 10 don’t know where their next meal is coming from (Feeding America)
  • 5% of Boone County residents are food insecure (Feeding America)
  • 38% of Boone County residents experiencing food insecurity are above the income threshold for nutrition assistance programs (Feeding America)
  • At least 30 million people are at risk of eviction (Aspen Institute)
  • 1 in 7 students don’t graduate high school (National Center for Education Statistics)

Addressing these challenges will take every one of us. Every day Heart of Missouri United Way helps chip away at these problems. The progress we make is only possible because of donors like you. Please help us do more by giving today.

The future will be different than we once imagined. But it can also be better than we ever dreamed it could be.


Andrew Grabau
Executive Director
Heart of Missouri United Way

P.S. Did you know that for most taxpayers, up to $300 of donations to charity are deductible in 2020? Please, give to Heart of Missouri United Way now.

Donate Here

home Ellis Library, Gateway Carousel New Food and Drink Policy in Ellis Library

New Food and Drink Policy in Ellis Library

Due to the continued vigilance in requiring everyone on campus to wear masks during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ellis Library is no longer allowing food and drink on any floor above the ground level (near the Bookmark Cafe). All semester there has been a restriction on food above the ground level. Due to ongoing safety concerns for library users and staff, a ban on beverages on all floors except the ground level is now in effect.

Library users may visit the ground level to enjoy snack and beverages. (The Bookmark Cafe is closed for the rest of the semester.) Everyone must continue to wear masks except when they are actively eating or drinking. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe and healthy!

home Staff news Marketing Highlight: Thanks to “Angel Librarians of Interlibrary Loan”

Marketing Highlight: Thanks to “Angel Librarians of Interlibrary Loan”