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Call for Proposals: Spring 2021 Missouri Affordable and Open Educational Resources Symposium

Deadline for Submissions: Monday, February 1, 2021

The Missouri Affordable and Open Educational Resources Symposium invites you to share your research, ideas and best practices for using, creating or adapting A&OER.

Conference Theme and Schedule:

The theme of this year’s Symposium will be centered around the idea of CARE, an acronym for Collaborating and Adapting/Adopting Resources for Equity. We would like to explore how the A&OER community cares for others by advocating for accessibility and equity of materials. With many conference themes centered around Covid-19 and its impact on students and faculty, we thought we would take this concept one step further and explore how the use of A&OER can address the issues of unequal access to educational materials on college campuses that have become so apparent during the pandemic. This theme is inspired by the importance of using Affordable and Open Educational Resources as a means to champion social equity by ensuring accessibility of materials to all students.

The Symposium will be held virtually on March 3 – 5, 2021. Click here for more information.


We welcome proposals for presentations, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and roundtables from faculty, librarians, instructional designers, students, and any other educator or constituent involved in creating, using, or adapting Affordable and Open Educational Resources. Proposals should keep the conference theme in mind, however, you are encouraged to shape your proposed sessions to present your unique experiences with A&OER. We strongly encourage you to actively engage your session participants with a hands-on activity or by providing them with other material they can use.

Submission Details:

  • The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2021.
  • Proposals should include: a Title; Abstract (approximately 250 words); Audience Learning Outcomes; and Information for each speaker (name, title, institution, short bio, and email address)
  • Proposals can be submitted here.
  • Submissions will be evaluated on their relevance and ability to contribute to the best practices of using, creating, adapting, and adopting A&OER.
  • The Symposium Planning Committee will notify presenters of their decision by February 15, 2021.

If you have any questions please contact Lindsay Schmitz, University of Missouri St. Louis, schmitzl@umsl.edu or Scott Curtis, University of Missouri Kansas City, curtissa@umkc.edu.

For more information on A&OER at MU visit the Libraries’ Open Educational Resources guide or contact Joe Askins, Head of Instructional Services at the University of Missouri Libraries.

home Events and Exhibits, Gateway Carousel Book Talk with Kristie C. Wolferman: The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, a History

Book Talk with Kristie C. Wolferman: The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, a History

Date: Thursday, January 28, 2021
Time: 4 – 5 pm
Online event on Zoom


The monumental building known today as the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art opened in 1933 owing to a set of marvelously serendipitous circumstances.

Kristie C. Wolferman, author of The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: A History, will tell us the story of the widowed, reclusive Mary Atkins who left funds to build an art museum, and of the newspaper publisher William Rockhill Nelson who bequeathed $11 million to purchase works of art. After several others close to Nelson provided funds for housing that collection, trustees of multiple estates were able to come together to erect a major museum where none had existed before.

Over the years, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has grown in stature and holdings. It is now known not only for its outstanding American art, but for its Chinese and American Indian art collections and for photographs. Ms. Wolferman will virtually walk us through the museum’s history and introduce us to its dazzling 21st century renovations, including the new Bloch Building and the redesigned American Wing.

About the Author
Kristie C. Wolferman is author of The Osage in MissouriThe Indomitable Mary Easton Sibley: Pioneer of Women’s Education in Missouri; and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art: Culture Comes to Kansas City, all three published by the University of Missouri Press. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Upcoming Workshops @ Your Library: Demystifying the Literature Review

For a complete schedule of workshops, visit library.missouri.edu/workshops.

Demystifying the Literature Review
Explore the world of literature reviews through this webinar highlighting different types of reviews, the process involved in creating each one, and an overview of best practices. Interactive searching and writing activities will give you the practical skills and resources needed to structure literature reviews for your discipline, while saving you time and effort.

Thursday, February 11: 3 to 4 pm

Click on the links to register. You will receive a Zoom link and password by email. The workshops will be recorded, edited and posted online for anyone who can’t attend live.

home Gateway Carousel, Workshops Upcoming Workshops @ Your Library: Maximizing Your Research Identity and Impact

Upcoming Workshops @ Your Library: Maximizing Your Research Identity and Impact

For a complete schedule of workshops, visit library.missouri.edu/workshops.

Maximizing Your Research Identity and Impact
Learn how to effectively use researcher profiles and scholarly communications networks to develop and manage your online scholarly presence. Utilize ORCID, Google Scholar Profile, MOspace, h-index, impact factors and more to maximize your professional impact.

Click on the links to register. You will receive a Zoom link and password by email. The workshops will be recorded, edited and posted online for anyone who can’t attend live.

home Gateway Carousel, Resources and Services Welcome to the Mizzou Libraries

Welcome to the Mizzou Libraries

Welcome Tigers! We’re so glad you’re here. Although some changes have been made at the Libraries this year to keep you safe, we still wanted to introduce you to the library resources and services that will be vital to your success at Mizzou. Visit our Welcome website to get started. We hope you have a great experience this semester!

Click here for the latest information on ways we are keeping you safe at the Mizzou Libraries.

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Digital Services: Twenty for 2020

2020 was a busy and challenging year for the Digital Services Department at the University Libraries. Despite those challenges, we were able to start, advance, and complete an amazing array of projects. We present here twenty of our proudest accomplishments of 2020.

1: MOspace Grows by 12%

In 2020, we added 4,200 new items to MOspace, the online institutional repository for MU. This was the third largest number of new items added in a single year since MOspace was launched in 2008. MOspace now includes more than 35,000 research articles, presentations, theses and dissertations, maps, MU publications, etc.


2: New Scanner Enables New Projects

A generous donor provided funding for a new scanner, adding to our overall capacity to complete digitization projects of large and fragile materials. The Atiz Mark 2 also has a v-cradle which puts less stress on the material during digitization. We have completed the digitization of several items we could not previously have done.


3: Office of Undergraduate Studies Partnership

This year we partnered with the Undergraduate Studies to host the Undergraduate Research & Creative Achievements Forum in the MU Digital Library. Held in the spring, summer, and fall highlight the scholarship of MU students, and included abstracts describing the project, posters, PowerPoint slides, and videos. While previous Forums were in-person events, the move to remote classes in the spring was the prompt for this new partnership.



4: Faculty Research is Focus of MOspace Collection

Faculty research at the University of Missouri is the focus of a new collection in MOspace. The collection includes research material already in MOspace that we are in the process of adding to the new collection. It also includes articles published with open access licenses which were added in Phase 1 of a library project to identify and make published articles by MU faculty available in MOspace.


5: More Rare Materials Now Available Online

Digitization of rare materials was put on hold during the campus closure. Still, during the spring and fall semesters we were able to complete the digitization of rare materials in the Special Collections and Rare Books Department and unique materials on loan from a private collection. These are now available in the MU Digital Library


6: Sanborn Maps of Missouri

The Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Company, established in 1867, compiled and published maps of United States cities and towns. The maps are large scale plans that were used by the fire insurance industry. In 2020, maps published in 1924, along with other 1924 publications, entered the public domain in the United States. While we did not get all of our 1924 Sanborn maps digitized, we were able to add the 1924 sheets for Liberty and the Webster Groves sheets issued as part of the St. Louis volume. They are now available in the MU Digital Library.


7: New Collection of Concert Programs

When the recently established MU Budds Center for American Music Studies asked us to partner on digitizing and making a collection of archival documents available in MOspace, we were thrilled. While this is an ongoing project, many MU concert programs, photographs, and posters, as well as miscellaneous publications are now in MOspace and available for use. Dates of items range from 1977 to1997. Check back for updates to this growing collection.



8: Global Journalist Archive Added to MOspace

>In 2020, MOspace became the archive for audio recordings of the radio program, “Global Journalists.” As noted on the Global Journalist website: “Global Journalist covers press freedom, human rights and international affairs. The weekly, half-hour discussion is produced by faculty and students of the Missouri School of Journalism and Mid-Missouri Public Radio.” >This is a growing collection, with 66 segments produced between 2002-2020 now available.



9: SISLT Webcast  Recordings

The School of Information Science and Learning Technologies produced webcasts between 2005 and 2015.  On each show practicing librarians and educators were interviewed about topics such as literacy, library positions, library programs, and educational technologies. 245 recordings now are archived in MOspace.


10: History of Missouri Place Names in Historical Theses

We are getting close to completion of a project to digitize 18 theses detailing the history of Missouri place names. They were written in the 1920s through the 1940s under the direction of Robert L. Ramsey, professor of English, and provide the origins of the names of counties, townships, post offices, rivers. branches, creeks, ridges, prairies, mounds, hills, valleys, gaps, churches, etc. These are great resources for historical information about Missouri.


11: MU Theses and Dissertations

MOspace is the online repository for MU theses and dissertations published since 2006. This collection highlights research being completed at MU. In 2020, we added more than 470 theses and dissertations issued in 2019-2020. In addition, we added 61 older theses and dissertations which we digitized as part of an ongoing project to make these available online. This collection is one of our larger collections, with 9,200 total items, 8,366 of which were issued after 2005. Note: Because Fall 2020 items have not yet been added and authors may request a one-year delay before publication, the 2020 numbers in the graph are not complete.



12: MU Publications in MOspace

In addition to the MU material mentioned elsewhere, we added current or historical items to several ongoing collections in MOspace, including:



13: Support for Remote Teaching and Learning

Since our unit focuses on creating and hosting online resources, we were able to support online teaching and learning by digitizing material and hosting online forums.

As an example, we digitized rare items for use in a history course and made the images available in the MU Digital Library:


14: University of Missouri Extension

Our MU Extension digitization project got a boost in 2020. As we prepared to move to remote work, we quickly digitized historical MU Extension publications that would provide opportunities for remote work. The publications we digitized were in good condition and could be fed through a scanner with a sheet-feeder, so we were able to quickly digitize a large number of them. Staff reviewed and edited images from their home worksites. In 2020 we added 1,280 MU Extension publications to MOspace. They cover a variety of topics including agriculture, homemaking, recipes, and annual reports.


15: Instagram Posts Highlight Work

Digital Services joined forces with the Special Collections and Rare Books Department to inform and entertain Instagram viewers by providing information about the work of both departments and of the resources available in the University of Missouri Libraries.



16: Celebrating MU Students in Digital Services

In Digital Services, our excellent undergraduate student workers do most of our scanning work. That productivity was missed when we moved to remote work. With a return to campus, we were pleased that two of our long-term students re-joined us in the fall and picked up digitization projects related to rare materials and MU publications.


17: Personnel

This year Digital Services saw a lot of new faces. We welcomed a new staff member, Antanella, to our permanent staff of four, and had temporary help from two library staff members – Mara and Peter — who contributed to specific projects. We rely on MU student workers to accomplish our work and were fortunate to have excellent help this year. In addition, in the spring we had two graduate assistants (one of whom was short-term) who helped move projects forward.



18: Campus Closure Prompts Move to Remote Work

With the rest of the campus, Digital Services moved to remote operations in March. In preparation, staff packed needed resources and made plans for virtual connections. Digital Services was fortunate in being able to continue its work off-site. Staff reviewed and edited digital images, added items to MOspace and the MU Digital Library and worked with others on campus to make their resources available. Other stories on this page feature some of these projects. Fortunately, we were able to return to campus in staggered shifts for the fall semester and resumed our on-site scanning work.


19: Mission, Vision, and Values

The members of the University Archives, Special Collections, and Digital Services Division collaboratively drafted mission, vision, and values statements with guidance from Julie Brandt (Institutional Research & Quality Improvement). These will be posted on a forthcoming division website. As part of that process Digital Services reviewed and refined its own mission statement, which is posted here


20: Giving Back to the Library Community

Ying Hu and Felicity Dykas shared tips about supervising students at the 2020 statewide MOBIUS conference held virtually in June. The annual MOBIUS conference is attended by academic and public library workers and provides an opportunity to share with and learn from colleagues.


Looking Forward to 2021!

Many of our projects are ongoing and will continue into 2021. We also plan to resume activities that were put on hold due to the accommodations we had to make for Covid-19, including HathiTrust submissions. New in 2021: We will be launching a new site for digital exhibits and forums, such as online poster sessions. We will partner with others on campus to host their events and to develop digital exhibits.
home Gateway Carousel, Resources and Services The Mizzou Libraries Are Here For You

The Mizzou Libraries Are Here For You

Whether you want research help in person while social distancing or remotely from the safety and comfort of your home, the Mizzou Libraries will stay connected with you!

Many library services — including consultations and assistance, library instruction, reserves and events — will continue remotely online through the spring with some in-person options. The emphasis on remote library services will allow faculty and students to continue their work, regardless of location.

Among the changes that library users will continue to find this semester:

  • Library users will be asked to display #ClearCampus app or have symptoms checked, including temperature checks.
  • Everyone in library buildings will need to wear a face mask and maintain 6 feet of physical distancing. Library users may only remove their mask while eating at the Bookmark Cafe on the ground floor. (This University policy does not make an exception for individuals who have received the vaccine.)
  • An MU ID will be required to access the building after 5 pm.
  • Ellis Library will have limited hours. The library will close most nights at 10 pm, and the Check Out and Information desk will close at 8 pm. Visit library.missouri.edu/hours for the latest information on all campus library hours.
  • The Check-Out & Information Desk on the north side of the first floor will serve as a single service desk for assistance in the library. Visit Ask the Librarians! for online help or to schedule a consultation.
  • Furniture and computer workstations will be spread out in order to ensure physical distancing. The library’s Safety Team will monitor the building to make sure all library users are being safe. Library patrons are asked not to move furniture.
  • Study rooms will be single occupancy only. Library patrons must use masks in study rooms and keep doors open for proper ventilation. You can reserve a study room through the online reservation system. We encourage study groups to meet on Zoom or other online platforms. If you need a space to do in-person group work, you many use rooms 114 and 114A. The furniture is set up for groups to work while maintaining proper distances.
  • The ground floor and 1st floors of Ellis Library have been designated as “quiet conversation allowed” for library users, including students who need to attend their online classes in the library. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors are designated as quiet study space.
  • Only the west entrance of Ellis Library (near Speaker’s Circle) is currently open. The North entrance and the two reading rooms on the 2nd floor will be closed due to renovations of their windows.
  • The west stacks will be closed. To request books or other items, please place an online request and the library will retrieve them for you.
  • Circulation of books will resume, but receiving materials from other libraries may take longer. Library materials may be quarantined when they are returned, and the items may stay on your library account during that time. No fines will be assessed for items that are in quarantine.
  • Food and drink will only be allowed on the ground floor of the library. Masks must be worn on the ground floor unless the user is actively eating or drinking.
  • DigiPrint services have moved out of Ellis Library and will be located in MU Student Center Room 1212A

Library personnel will carefully assess how the new service models are working and will determine whether services can be gradually scaled up or, conversely, whether conditions will require a return to delivering more services remotely. For the latest information on library services and hours, visit library.missouri.edu. You may also subscribe to one of our weekly email newsletters to stay up to date.

Additional Information Regarding Specialized Libraries
Zalk Veterinary Medical Library

J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library

Engineering Library and Technology Commons

Journalism Library



home Gateway Carousel, Gateway Carousel ELTC, Resources and Services Some Offsite Materials Will Become Unavailable on Jan. 25

Some Offsite Materials Will Become Unavailable on Jan. 25

Some Mizzou Libraries materials that are shelved offsite are going to be moved to our newly expanded depository starting January 25. While being moved, the materials will not be available for request and will be temporarily listed as unavailable in the library catalog. We anticipate completion of this process by April 30th. Titles may be requested from other Merlin, MOBIUS or Prospector Libraries or via Interlibrary Loan.

Information About Requesting Materials from Other Libraries

Still have questions? Ask the Librarians!



home Ellis Library, Gateway Carousel New Food and Drink Policy in Ellis Library

New Food and Drink Policy in Ellis Library

Due to the continued vigilance in requiring everyone on campus to wear masks during the Covid-19 pandemic, Ellis Library is no longer allowing food and drink on any floor above the ground level (near the Bookmark Cafe). All semester there has been a restriction on food above the ground level. Due to ongoing safety concerns for library users and staff, a ban on beverages on all floors except the ground level is now in effect.

Library users may visit the ground level to enjoy snack and beverages. (The Bookmark Cafe is closed for the rest of the semester.) Everyone must continue to wear masks except when they are actively eating or drinking. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe and healthy!