An Exhibit in Celebration of Assorted Anniversaries

In 2016, Ellis Library celebrated its 100th birthday, but it turns out that we were not the only ones with an important anniversary that year! This exhibit brings together a selection of items associated with the most important literary anniversaries celebrated in 2016, including the deaths of two literary giants—Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare—on consecutive days in 1616, and the birth 200 years later of one of the greatest writers of the 19th century, Charlotte Brontë. In addition to these major milestones, the exhibit also features some anniversaries that are at risk of escaping notice, such as the 500th anniversary of the publication of Erasmus' New Testament in Greek and the 150th birthday of the science fiction writer H. G. Wells.

Many Happy Returns was presented by the the Special Collections & Rare Books Department of the University of Missouri Libraries in 2016. The exhibition was curated by Timothy Perry. Website constructed in Omeka by Timothy Perry.