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Tagging Thesaurus

All images and exhibits in Special Collections are tagged to improve searchability. The tags currently in use are listed below.

A “content warning” tag is used for items that include sexual assault, racial violence, and dead bodies.

Item Tags

The tags that we use to identify our items are listed below with brief descriptions to help clarify how they can be searched.

binding: images of bindings and binding fragments, as well as book jackets

book plate: images of items containing book plates

China: materials related to or produced in China

comic: materials containing comics or cartoons

doves press: materials produced by the Doves Press

endpapers: materials with distinctive endpapers

facsimile: items that are facsimiles

fine press: materials produced after 1800 by printers and publishers aspiring to an unusually high standard of printing quality

illustration: materials containing illustrations or images (usually paired with a secondary tag describing the illustrative technique)

  • aquatint: illustrations produced through the aquatint process
  • collotype: illustrations produced through the collotype process (an early form of photographic plate)
  • engraving: illustrations produced through the engraving process
  • etching: illustrations produced through the etching process
  • lithography: illustrations produced through lithography
  • woodcut: illustrations produced with woodcuts
  • wood engraving: illustrations produced with wood engraving

illumination: materials including manuscript decorations, especially clustered around initials

incunabula: materials printed in Europe in the 1400s

inscription: materials containing written notes or comments

kelmscott press: materials produced by the Kelmscott Press

limited editions club: materials produced by the Limited Editions Club

manuscripts: materials written by hand, irrespective of date or location

maps: maps

marbled paper: materials that include instances of paper marbling

medieval: materials produced in Europe between 500 CE and 1500 CE

Mesoamerica: materials related to or produced in Mesoamerica

miniature books: books that are under 100 mm (3.9 inches) in height, width, or thickness

music: books containing musical notation.

periodical: materials excerpted from newspapers and journals

photographs: illustrations produced through photography

poster: posters and prints

renaissance: materials produced in Europe between 1500 CE and 1660 CE

rubrication: materials where select words have been written or manually embellished in color, typically red or blue, to draw attention to them.

sammelband: separately printed items bound into a single volume

Savitar: materials related to the University of Missouri yearbook Savitar

university archives: materials held by the University Archives

Collection Tags

Some collections, notably the Hiller Collection, have their own tags.

Items that are associated with one of our collection strengths are given a tag to accompany that collection.