Abraham Goos (fl. 1614-1643)

Abraham Goos was an engraver and mapmaker who operated in Amsterdam. He learned his trade from Jodocus Hondius, his nephew by marriage and himself a prominent mapmaker. Goos did engravings for a number of prominent mapmakers of his day, including the Englishman John Speed (1551/52-1629) and Willem Blaeu’s rival Jans Janszoon (1588-1664). He published one of the first atlases of the Netherlands, Nieuw Nederlandtsch Caertboeck (1616). Perhaps less gloriously, in 1624 Goos was either the first or the second to draw a map depicting California as an island, a common error that had originated in the early 16th century. The error would not be definitively disproven for Europeans until the 1740s.

This exhibit contains one map associated with Goos: