About This Exhibit

This virtual exhibit explores the intersections between ethics and the pseudo-science of eugenics in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It was originally mounted as part of Ethics and the Brain, the seventh annual symposium sponsored by the Life Sciences and Society Program at the University of Missouri in March 2011.

The exhibit was curated by Michael Holland, Director of Special Collections, Archives, and Rare Books (SCARaB), with contributions from SCARaB staff: Anselm Huelsbergen, Gary Cox, Alla Barabtarlo, Karen Witt, Erin Zellers, Amy Jones, and Kelli Hansen. The exhibit was on view in the Ellis Library Colonnade during March 2011, and it included items from the general collections of the University of Missouri Libraries, the SCARaB division, and the Government Documents Collection. Dr. Stefani Engelstein, associate professor of German and director of the Life Sciences and Society Program, opened the exhibit with a presentation entitled Visions of Transparency: The Human Body and Social Order.

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