About The Exhibit

"Children's Literature: Selections from the Special Collections Department of Ellis Library" was originally an exhibit mounted in the Ellis Library Colonnade from October 1st-31st, 2009. This digital exhibit reflects the items displayed as well as additional volumes that were not included in the physical exhibit.

Special Collections holds a variety of collections ranging from Rare to Comic and although there is not a separate "Children's Literature" collection, there are many fine examples contained within the department's holdings. The exhibit attempts to highlight some of these interesting volumes.

The exhibit in the Ellis Library Colonnade was curated by Karen Witt with assistance from Erin Zellers, Dan Jimenez, and Brittany Aton. The 2009 version of the digital exhibit was curated by Erin Zellers and Karen Witt with assistance from Brittany Aton and Dan Jimenez and can be viewed in the Internet Archive. In 2021, the digital exhibit was reconstructed in Omeka by Kelli Hansen.