Bailey Crouch: Into the Woods Transformation

Artist Statement        

This project’s goal is to create six costumes that represent the duality of characters from Into the Woods. The play has a few messages – be careful what you wish for and be prepared to face repercussions for your own actions. I have chosen to design the Witch, Jack, and Cinderella in 1890s clothes.

The Witch starts a haggard old woman, mourning the loss of her youthfulness (and magic beans). To reflect that, I’ve put her in all black, but kept some of her glamour through a brocade-like pattern. Once she regains her vigor, I put her in an extravagant green and gold outfit inspired by the Gibson Girl.

Jack is a charming farm boy, so I wanted him to wear an Irish peasant’s garb in earthy tones. He’ll carry around a woodcutter’s axe – the weapon he uses to kill the giant. Once he gets rich, he’ll wear a gloomy black overcoat. While he may have wealth now, he has lost what is most precious to him.

Cinderella is her family’s maid, so she wears standard serving clothes: a black dress and a dingy white apron. The simplicity of it acts opposite to her outfit for the ball. I’ve modelled it after Carmencita, a flamenco dancer from the time. She will wear a vibrant red dress covered in gold and silver accents alongside the gilded shoes.

I hope the viewer can witness the connection between each character to each other via the transfer of colors and designs between their past/future selves.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Into the Woods Transformation
  • Medium: Six 9x12 watercolor paintings
  • Student's Name: Bailey Crouch
  • Major: Theatre (Writing for Performance)
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023
  • Hometown: Lincoln, MO, USA
  • Student's Mentor: Marc Vital
  • Mentor's Department: Theatre


Tammy Gerhart

These are amazing!  Your video was very well done!Good Job!!


Rachel Penn

Your work is beautiful and professional. Very inspiring and your really capture the personality of each character.