Eliana Rosario: Ginger Inspired Dress

Artist Statement

I’ve always created, designed, and executed visions in my head. This project was the same except I had a bit more fire within me. I was taken outside of my comfort zone to take my vision from my head to the sewing machine.

The initial idea for my garment, “Ginger Inspired Dress”, started when we were presented with a pattern based off a Ginger Rogers dress. Garments that were worn by Ginger Rogers from the Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection at Mizzou. I was inspired by a long black coat with fur trim along the hemlines. I gravitated towards the coat because of the sleekness of the black fabric and the eye-catching trim.

I selected black satin fabric, and faux ostrich feathers for my look. Satin best suited my vision and I opted for feathers as they added a touch “Ginger”.

I wanted a classic vintage feel that felt timeless, so I altered the pattern to fit my vision. The final dress has a boat neckline, low back, and full ankle length skirt with pockets lined with faux ostrich feathers. There is a vintage broach with feathers to tie in the look when the shawl is not worn with the dress. The faux ostrich feather shawl includes a small phone pocket on the inside, a snap collar, and ties to create a bow.

An even brighter flame has been sparked inside of me since this project for my future creations.
I can’t wait to create more.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: Ginger Inspired Dress
  • Medium: Women's ankle-length dress made of satin fabric with matching feather shawl.
  • Student's Name: Eliana Rosario
  • Major: Textile and Apparel Management
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: Aug 2023
  • Hometown: Kansas City, MO
  • Student's Mentor: Mackenzie Miller
  • Mentor's Department: Textile & Apparel Management