Megan Henry: Tapestry Weavings

Artist Statement

My tapestry weavings are decorative wall art. A blend of different fabrics, vinyl, and yarn hanging on wooden dowels. The ends of each weft draped to create a flow of different colors and textures. The fibers are reflective, bulky, thin, fringy, and patterned.

The weaving process began on a hand-held wooden loom. Upholstery fabric and vinyl scraps formed to the desired size. I utilized a variety of sizes and colors of yarn to create this cohesive piece. First, I weaved in the yarn and fabric pieces in a constructive matter of shapes and sizes. Second, I constructed a flow to each weaving, carrying the left weaving into the right from the bottom. Lastly, I cut the warp at the bottom and tied the ends together in bunches to tighten the weaving.

I wanted to experiment with recycling old materials that would likely be thrown away and give them a new purpose. I wanted multiple factors that general weavings don’t have, drawing attention to a visible warp. Leaving the warp visible shows the tedious process of every weft woven into the design of both weavings.

This piece means I can use scraps and trash to create art from them. Those “scraps” came from the upholstery fabric my mom used for her small handbag business. I appreciate what she does as an artist and wanted to pay tribute by incorporating her work into mine.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Tapestry Weavings
  • Medium: These tapestry weavings are made from scrap upholstery and vinyl fabrics woven in with yarn. Left weaving: 11" X 12"Right Weaving: 11" X 9"
  • Student's Name: Megan Henry
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2024
  • Hometown: Columbia, Missouri, United States
  • Student's Mentor: Jean Brueggenjohann
  • Mentor's Department: Art