Jordyn Gobble: A Neighborhood of Idolized Longing


Artist Statement

A Neighborhood of Idolized Longing represents the contrast between the media that we consume and the reality that we live in; more specifically, it conveys how life events and relationships aren’t always as glamorous as those depicted in romantic dramas. In this 3D ink diorama of a neighborhood, to depict the contrast between reality and rom-com, “ordinary” people are seen isolated within windows or in shadows, focused on their everyday, monotonous tasks, facing problems such as stress, burnout, and crime. Conversely, those outside are coupled up and dramatized through the use of romantic tropes such as chasing after a lover in the rain, sharing secrets through cans and a string, and having romantic picnics.
While one may think that those inside are missing out on the precious moments outside their doors, it’s important to note that each interior individual has their own goal, motivation, or little piece of joy that they are partaking in. For instance, one person is singing along to their favorite tunes in the shower, perhaps destressing after a long day. Another is working, possibly striving for a promotion in the near future. Even I can be found at my desk, working on my art, hoping that I’ll create something inspiring.
Normal activities can be extremely meaningful, so while life may not be as swoon-worthy or invigorating as a drama, there’s no need to pressure yourself when facing the ordinary as real life isn’t written by a team of writers looking for a high rating.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: A Neighborhood of Idolized Longing
  • Medium: A 29.25" x 19.25" x 8.5" foam core and Bristol board diorama of a neighborhood.
  • Student's Name: Jordyn Gobble
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2025
  • Hometown: Lenexa, KS, Unites States
  • Student's Mentor: Kenzie Wells
  • Mentor's Department: Art


Jenny Whitney

Wow, Jordyn!  I loved seeing your piece close up and hearing all the thought behind every element.  We all need to hear that true life lesson about finding the joy in the every day!  Bravo!


Ying Hu


What an interesting and cute project! Thank you for reminding us that the ordinary life is not as perfect, dramatic, or fun like being portrayed in dramas. Stories in drama are great but our ordinary life filled with normal activities is also worth living and enjoying.