A Classic Comic

At its height, Alley Oop was carried by 800 daily newspapers. It was popular around the world, in both comic strip and book formats. These volumes, from France, Italy, and Australia, are just a few of the reprint volumes that have been printed outside the United States. "Alley Oop" is translated as "Tru-cutú" in this newspaper clipping from the El Salvador newspaper Las Prensa Grafica.


Alley Oop, v. 1.
Princeton, WI: Kitchen Sink Press, 1990.
©1990, Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.

Kitchen Sink Press reprints

The strip has been reprinted many times, but perhaps never as beautifully as in these volumes published by the Kitchen Sink Press. The Press was the brainchild of underground cartoonist Dennis Kitchen, and was in business from 1969-1999. It was responsible for printing many important underground comic artists, as well as producing reprints of classic strips such as Krazy Kat, The Spirit, and L'il Abner.


Alley Oop stamp from USPS stamp series "Comic Strip Classics."

U.S. Postage Stamp

In 1995, the U.S. Postal Service issued a set of commemorative stamps memorializing classic American comic strips to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the comic strip. Alley Oop was included in this group of twenty great strips, along with Krazy Kat, Katzenjammer Kids, The Yellow Kid, Prince Valiant, and Dick Tracy, among others.


Alley Oop Figurine.
Milwaukie, OR: Dark Horse, 2002.
Alley Oop ©NEA, Inc.

Alley Oop the Figurine

Dark Horse, a well-known comics publisher, issued a set of "Classic Comic Characters" figurines. Alley Oop was number 28 in this series, featured with other greats, such as Pogo Possum, L'il Orphan Annie, Blondie, The Schmoo, and Popeye.


Original artwork for Alley Oop 75th anniversary comic strips.

75th Anniversary

On August 8, 2008, Alley Oop had its 75th anniversary. To celebrate, Alley's friends from over the years threw him a surprise birthday party. These two strips from August 7th and 8th, drawn by Jack and Carole Bender, bring together many of the figures that appeared in the strip over the years.