Graphic Novels and Mini-Comics


P. (Phillip) Craig Russell, Illustrator.
Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, v.2.
New York: Nantier, Beall, Minoustchine, 1994.
©1994, P. Craig Russell.

P. Craig Russell

P. Craig Russell is a master at creating art that appeals to wider audiences through the use of well-known stories and even opera. Russell has found success not only in interpreting classical work, but also contributing to popular comic series such as Sandman and Elric. He has won numerous Harvey and Eisner Awards, and is heralded by his peers for being one of the first mainstream comic artists to come out as gay.


Dark Horse Presents #59.
Portland, OR: Dark Horse Comics, 1992.
©1992, Frank Miller.

Frank Miller

The first appearance of Miller's noir comic Sin City was in April 1991 for a 5th anniversary anthology by Dark Horse Comics. It was well received and presented in several subsequent issues of Dark Horse Presents and later in its own series. Using a two-tone black-and-white style, Sin City explores the lives of the inhabitants of crime-ridden Basin City.

The series has received several honors including a Harvey award and an Eisner award in 1997, and was made into a motion picture in 2005. In addition to Sin City, Miller has been responsible for such graphic novel successes as 300 and Martha Washington.


Matt Kindt.
2 Sisters: a super-spy graphic novel.
Marietta, GA: Top Shelf Productions, 2004.
©2004, Matt Kindt.

Matt Kindt

Matt Kindt displays a mastery of visual storytelling with his tales of pirates, spies, espionage, and intrigue set in the 1920s-1960s. Kindt, a St. Louisan, has a unique web presence. Some of his work has been serialized online before a print version was made available. He has even formatted some of his work online for Sony PlayStation Personal users. Most recently, he was awarded "Indie Book of the Year" in 2007 by Wizard magazine and a Harvey award in 2008. Kindt was also listed in Booklists' "Top Ten Graphic Novels of 2008."


Ted May.
Injury Comics #1.
Oakland, CA: Buenaventura Press, 2007.
©2007, Ted May.

Ted May

Ted May has been drawing comics from an early age, and has more recently been a part of the St. Louis comics scene as a published comics artist. May has contributed to various comics anthologies including Kramers Ergot and Non, and has also self-published many works, such as It Lives. May was named "Mini-Comics Artist of the Year 2002" by the Comics Journal. May produced Injury Comics with collaboraters Jason Robards and Jeff Wilson, as well as comic strips appearing in Arthur Magazine, the Riverfront Times, and Vice Magazine. Injury Comics, a series published by Buenaventura Press, was nominated for a "Best Series" Ignatz award in 2008.


Jeff Zwirek.
Burning Building Comix #5.
[Chicago]:, 2008.
©2008, Jeff Zwirek.

Jeff Zwirek

Jeff Zwirek is the Ignatz-nominated artist behind the mini-comics Burning Building Comix, Black Star, and Jack Rabbit. He lives in Chicago with his wife and son. Burning Building has an innovative design, where each of five issues details the goings-on in two stories of an apartment building on fire. When all of the issues are stacked on top of one-another, it completes the tale and forms the entire 10-story building.