Fridays @ the Library Workshops Available Online

Did you miss a Fridays @ the Library Workshop this semester?  If so, you are in luck!  Simply visit the MizzouLibraries YouTube page or go to Recordings and Tutorials: Workshop Recordings on the Libraries website.  There you can find session recordings for workshops offered in Spring 2017 (this does not include in-person only workshops) as well as from past semesters.  This semester featured many interesting and informative presentations including:

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Be Aware of What Your Library Offers You

The Literature Review: What It Is and How to Search


Maximizing Your Research Identity and Impact

Creating a Research Poster

Fake or Real? How to Fact-Check & Verify the News

What's in the Archives?

So go online to check out these great lectures put on by our wonderful library staff, and remember that Fridays @ the Library Workshops are offered both online live and face-to-face every semester.  We hope to see you there in the future! 

Skin Cancer Book Display

May is Skin Cancer awareness month. Come by J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences library to check out our new display on Skin Cancer. Learn about diagnosis, treatment prevention, and the patient perspective. Have you ever wondered if we can prevent skin cancer with a vaccine? What surgical options are available for patients? If you spend time in the sun, check out our new book display. The display is located on the right hand side of the entrance doors! 


Rachel Alexander

Rachel Alexander is a graduate library assistant at the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library!

Native American Studies Guide Available

Can you name the Indigenous Nations who once lived in Missouri?  Want to know which books on Native American culture are written by Native Americans, themselves, rather than just others writing about them? Need a starting point for research for a Native American Studies class or paper topic? Find these answers and much more on the new Native American Studies Guide, compiled by Willow Hoxie, graduate library assistant and past president of MU’s Four Directions: Indigenous Peoples and Allies, with input from Rachel Brekhus, Social Sciences Librarian, and Anne Barker, Literature Librarian.

Along with the recommended resources for each area, the latest news in Indian Country is available, as well as information about on-campus resources.  

Check it out to learn more about the first peoples of America!

Tips & Tricks:

-Recommended Books and Movies are available on the homepage

-The homepage also has a search box for a specialized online reference library.


Sodium glucose transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibition with empagliflozin improves cardiac diastolic function (Open Access Article)

This month's open access article features several University of Missouri School of Medicine Faculty:

  1. Dr. Javad Habibi, PhD., Dr. Annayya Aroor, MD., Dr. Guanghong Jia, PhD., and Dr. Vincent DeMarco, PhD. are all Assistant Research Professors in the department of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism. 
  2. Dr. Jim Sowers, MD., is a Professor of Medicine, Physiology/Pharmacology, Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Internal Medicine, and Director of the Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Division. In 2017, Dr. Sowers was awarded the Samual Eichold II Memorial Award for Contributions in Diabetes from the American College of Physicians. The award recognizes those who have made important health care delivery innovations for diabetic patients or research that significantly improves quality of care or clinical management of diabetes. 
  3. Dr. R. Scott Rector, PhD., is an Associate Professor in Internal Medicine-Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Dr. Rector's primary research interests include the role of exercise training, lifestyle modifications, and pharmacological interventions upon oxidative stress and liver metabolism. 
  4. Dr. Adam Whaley-Connell, DO., is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Associate Chief of Staff for Research and Development. His research interests include hypertension, and kidney disease. 

The research team's article, Sodium glucose transporter 2 (SGLT2) inhibition with empagliflozin improves cardiac diastolic function in a female rodent model of diabetes was published in Cardiovascular Diabetology in January 2017. Cardiovascular Diabetology is an open access journal that publishes research on all "aspects of the diabetes/cardiovascular interrelationship and the metabolic syndrome; this includes clinical, genetic, experimental, pharmacological, epidemiological and molecular biology research." With a high impact factor and maxiumum visibilty of articles due to their open access policy, this journal has a wide and global audience. 

Here is an excerpt from the abstract:

Obese and diabetic individuals are at increased risk for impairments in diastolic relaxation and heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. The impairments in diastolic relaxation are especially pronounced in obese and diabetic women and predict future cardiovascular disease (CVD) events in this population. Recent clinical data suggest sodium glucose transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibition reduces CVD events in diabetic individuals, but the mechanisms of this CVD protection are unknown. To determine whether targeting SGLT2 improves diastolic relaxation, we utilized empagliflozin (EMPA) in female db/db mice.

In summary, EMPA improved glycemic indices along with diastolic relaxation, as well as SGK1/ENaC profibrosis signaling and associated interstitial fibrosis, all of which occurred in the absence of any changes in BP.



Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Featured Article from Medicine and Related Fields: May 2017

Each month we feature one recent article from a School of Medicine author with the highest journal impact factor.

This month’s article, entitled Divergent cytosine DNA methylation patterns in single-cell, soybean root hairs, was co-authored by Dr. Trupti Joshi, Director of Translational Bioinformatics at the School of Medicine Medical Research Office and Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology (MMI). The article was published in the journal New Phytologist (impact factor 7.210 in 2015).

For the list of University of Missouri publications in medicine and related fields published this month, view results here (in Firefox or Chrome). 

Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Recent University of Missouri Publications in Medicine and Related Fields: May 2017

See below for University of Missouri authored articles added to Scopus in the last 30 days from medicine and related fields. Click here for an explanation on how these searches are run monthly to identify articles and how the lists are compiled. 

View the rest of the list in Scopus, or view recent MU authored articles from other disciplines (in Firefox or Chrome). 

  1. Qian, D., Lu, Z., Xu, Q., Wu, P., Tian, L., Zhao, L., Cai, B., Yin, J., Wu, Y., Staveley-O'Carroll, K.F., Jiang, K., Miao, Y., Li, G. Galectin-1-driven upregulation of SDF-1 in pancreatic stellate cells promotes pancreatic cancer metastasis
  2. Merrill, P.D., Ampah, S.B., He, K., Rembert, N.J., Brockman, J., Kleindorfer, D., McClure, L.A. Association between trace elements in the environment and stroke risk: The reasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke (REGARDS) study
  3. Acosta, D.A.V., Rivelli, M.I., Skenandore, C., Zhou, Z., Keisler, D.H., Luchini, D., Corrêa, M.N., Cardoso, F.C. Effects of rumen-protected methionine and choline supplementation on steroidogenic potential of the first postpartum dominant follicle and expression of immune mediators in Holstein cows
  4. Guo, M., Li, J., Xu, J., Wang, X., He, H., Wu, L. CO2 emissions from the 2010 Russian wildfires using GOSAT data
  5. Tang, J., Vernekar, S.K.V., Chen, Y.-L., Miller, L., Huber, A.D., Myshakina, N., Sarafianos, S.G., Parniak, M.A., Wang, Z. Synthesis, biological evaluation and molecular modeling of 2-Hydroxyisoquinoline-1,3-dione analogues as inhibitors of HIV reverse transcriptase associated ribonuclease H and polymerase
  6. Shen, Z., Mustapha, A., Lin, M., Zheng, G. Biocontrol of the internalization of Salmonella enterica and Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli in mung bean sprouts with an endophytic Bacillus subtilis
  7. Turner, B.M., Wang, T., Merkle, E.C. Factor analysis linking functions for simultaneously modeling neural and behavioral data
  8. Conn, V.S., Ruppar, T.M. Medication adherence outcomes of 771 intervention trials: Systematic review and meta-analysis
  9. Bunch, P.M., Altes, T.A., McIlhenny, J., Patrie, J., Gaskin, C.M. Skeletal development of the hand and wrist: digital bone age companion—a suitable alternative to the Greulich and Pyle atlas for bone age assessment?
  10. Yu, G., Zhu, L., Li, Y., Sun, J., Robison, L.L. Regression analysis of mixed panel count data with dependent terminal events
  11. Burke, K.E., Boumitri, C., Ananthakrishnan, A.N. Modifiable Environmental Factors in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  12. Seeve, C.M., Cho, I.-J., Hearne, L.B., Srivastava, G.P., Joshi, T., Smith, D.O., Sharp, R.E., Oliver, M.J Water-deficit-induced changes in transcription factor expression in maize seedlings
  13. Moffett, E.A. Dimorphism in the Size and Shape of the Birth Canal Across Anthropoid Primates
  14. England, J., Granados-Riveron, J., Polo-Parada, L., Kuriakose, D., Moore, C., Brook, J.D., Rutland, C.S., Setchfield, K., Gell, C., Ghosh, T.K., Bu'Lock, F., Thornborough, C., Ehler, E., Loughna, S. Tropomyosin 1: Multiple roles in the developing heart and in the formation of congenital heart defects
  15. O'Chiu, E., Vardhanabhuti, B. Utilizing whey protein isolate and polysaccharide complexes to stabilize aerated dairy gels
  16. Capito, N.M., Cook, J.L., Yahuaca, B., Capito, M.D., Sherman, S.L., Smith, M.J. Safety and efficacy of hyperosmolar irrigation solution in shoulder arthroscopy
  17. Middleton, E.R., Winkler, Z.J., Hammond, A.S., Plavcan, J.M., Ward, C.V. Determinants of Iliac Blade Orientation in Anthropoid Primates
  18. Roisman, G.I., Rogosch, F.A., Cicchetti, D., Groh, A.M., Haltigan, J.D., Haydon, K.C., Holland, A.S., Steele, R.D. Attachment states of mind and inferred childhood experiences in maltreated and comparison adolescents from low-income families
  19. Marques, M.C., Tapia, C., Gutiérrez-Sanz, O., Ramos, A.R., Keller, K.L., Wall, J.D., De Lacey, A.L., Matias, P.M., Pereira, I.A.C. The direct role of selenocysteine in [NiFeSe] hydrogenase maturation and catalysis
  20. Levy, J.K., Burling, A.N., Crandall, M.M., Tucker, S.J., Wood, E.G., Foster, J.D. Seroprevalence of heartworm infection, risk factors for seropositivity, and frequency of prescribing heartworm preventives for cats in the United States and Canada

View the rest of the list in Scopus, or view recent MU authored articles from other disciplines (in Firefox or Chrome).

Top Ten Journals by Impact Factor

Journal Title Impact Factor

Nature Chemical Biology


Nature Communications


Molecular Systems Biology


Plant Cell


New Phytologist


Plos Pathogens


Plos Genetics


Plant Physiology


Plant Cell And Environment


Cochrane Database Of Systematic Reviews


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Finals Survival Guide

It's that time in the semester again: FINALS.

Never fear! From research help to stress relieving activities, Mizzou Libraries have your back! Check out our Finals Survival Guide with details on all the end of semester resources that we have to offer.

And remember, when in doubt, Ask a Librarian!


Cycle of Success: Gwen Gray, Kate Anderson, and Supporting Entrepreneurship

Gwen Gray
Cycle of Success is the idea that libraries, faculty, and students are linked; for one to truly succeed, we must all succeed. The path to success is formed by the connections between University of Missouri Libraries and faculty members, between faculty members and students, and between students and the libraries that serve them. More than just success, this is also a connection of mutual respect, support, and commitment to forward-thinking research.

Gwen Gray, Business, Economics & Public Poloicy Librarian, spearheads the libraries’ involvement with a variety of programs. Through her work with Entrepreneurship Alliance students, Gwen promotes the libraries as an integral resource for teaching and research. Greg Bier, Director of the Entrepreneurship Alliance, indicates her positive impact. “I just wanted to thank you for working with my Entrepreneurship Alliance students Tuesday,” Bier said. “I think it is very important that they understand the tools right at their fingertips on campus. Unfortunately, not many of them think of Ellis as one of them. I also think you change their opinions. Thanks for being a great help!”

Gwen strives to integrate library resources and services into MU’s entrepreneurship programs. One such program is the Biodesign & Innovation Program. Through her work, Gwen assists Biodesign Fellows as they seek out information and research. The Fellows she works with speak highly of the assistance she provides. “Our Biodesign Filtering presentation tonight was a great success,” one Fellow said. 

Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is the head of the Zalk Vetinary Medical Library and works with Gwen on a number of projects, including that Biodesign Program and the Coulter Translational Partnership. In Coulter boot camps, teams of physicans and engineeers build their case for funding from the Coulter Foundation. The goal of the Coulter Foundation is to accelerate the translation of biomedical innovations into products the improve patient care.  

Because entrepreneurs need expertise and resources from multiple disciplines, Gwen and Kate collaborate extensively. The biodesign fellows and the boot camp participants often acknowledge Gwen’s and Kate’s teamwork.

  • “I wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU!’ to both of you for getting us all the information we needed in such a short period of time. You both made the success of [our] presentation possible!”
  • “Thank you so much for checking in with us. It really means a lot to know we have your support!"
  • “Many thanks for your kind help in award.  Really appreciate [Gwen’s] help and Kate’s timely support.”

This active collaboration enables the Libraries to have a positive impact on the biotech entrepreneurial climate not only on campus but in the greater mid-Missouri region as well.

If you would like to submit your own success story about how the libraries have helped your research and/or workplease use the Cycle of Success form


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Staff Picks Book Display

It’s Friday and you may be looking for a way to relax and unwind this weekend. Head on over to the Health Sciences Library and check out a book from our Staff Picks display! On a variety of topics, all health related of course :), our books on display have all been previewed and recommended by your helpful library staff. Enjoy!

What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear: What Doctors Say, What Patients Hear

Calculating Risks: How to Know when Numbers Deceive You

In the Sanctuary of Outcasts

Fever Season: the Story of a Terrifying Epidemic and the People Who Saved a City

The Emperor of All Maladies: a Biography of Cancer

Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal

Breakthrough: Elizabeth Hughes, the Discovery of Insulin, and the Making of a Medical Miracle

An Anthropologist on Mars: Seven Paradoxical Tales

Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness

Bread: A Memoir of Hunger

Almost Perfect

Still Alice: A Novel

Patient Safety: Perspectives on Evidence, Information, and Knowledge Transfer

Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching, and the Birth of Modern Surgery

Dr. Mutter's Marvels: A True Tale of Intrigue and Innovation at the Dawn of Modern Medicine

House of God





Reference Display: Dictionaries

Head over to the Reference Desk at Ellis Library for a weekly display of reference or other non-circulating materials.

This week, we have dictionaries on display. Sure, dictionaries are great for finding the meaning, spelling, and pronunciation of words, but stop by to look up colloquialisms, words that originate from names, collective nouns, cliches, and more. These specialized dictionaries will give you new insight into the words we use every day.

To find out more about dictionary resources, go to this guide.

Jennifer Gravley

Reference and Instruction Librarian