Health Sciences Library 2016 in Review

2016 was a crazy year for the J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library! Looking back, we did quite a bit, but decided to give the highlights.  Here are just five of our accomplishments, with more featured in the video below:

  1. Began working with the School of Medicine Research Council on an ORCID Researcher ID registration drive. This stemmed from the need to increase faculty publication visibility.  We also began producing a newsletter of new publications from our faculty, emphasizing those publications in the health sciences. 
  2. Librarians combated misconceptions to help increase open access publications. Check out our libguide and our blog to stay updated and learn more about the libraries effort to increase open access and MU Research impacts.
  3. Continue to provide health care information to unaffiliated patrons across Missouri, and beyond, through interlibrary loan.
  4. Converted under utilized faculty space after Ralph Sieli, in our circulation department, inquired about its use. With the faculty member no longer in need of the room, we created an addiitonal study space for our students to use. 
  5. Provided our users access to information.


If you’re curious about what else we’ve been up to, you should check out our video

We are so thankful for a wonderful 2016!

Featured Article from Medicine and Related Fields: February 2017

Each month we feature one article from a School of Medicine author with the highest journal impact factor.

This month’s article, entitled Uniform low-level dystrophin expression in the heart partially preserved cardiac function in an aged mouse model of Duchenne cardiomyopathy, was co-authored by Dr. Nalinda B. Wasala, Yongping Yue, Jenna Vance, and Dr. Dongsheng Duan of the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, in the Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology (impact factor 4.874 in 2015).

Note: Dr. Michael LeFevre did co-author a publication in Annals of Internal Medicine (impact factor 16.593), but this article was not featured as it was a “note”.

For the list of University of Missouri publications in medicine and related fields published this month, view results here (in Firefox or Chrome). 

Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Message from the Director: Deborah Ward

Change is in the air, and at the Health Sciences Libraries, we are changing too. At the same time, we are staying true to our mission of providing the lasting, community-wide benefits of access to vital information and services that make a difference to our users. We continue to seek new ways to bring value to the teaching and learning experience, patient care excellence, and research efforts.

While we regret that the budget realities we all face have caused us to cancel journal titles this year, and more will follow next year, we hope we can continue to propel your success through access channels rather than the ownership model that is becoming more difficult for all libraries to sustain. 

Be sure to follow our library to learn more about the work we are engaged in, and we look forward to furthering our work with all of you.

Deborah Ward, Director
Health Sciences Libraries
Interim Associate Director, Specialized Libraries


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Recent University of Missouri Publications in Medicine and Related Fields: February 2017

See below for University of Missouri authored articles added to Scopus in the last 30 days from medicine and related fields. Click here for an explanation on how these searches are run monthly to identify articles and how the lists are compiled. 

 View the rest of the list in Scopus, or view recent MU authored articles from other disciplines (in Firefox or Chrome). 

Recent University of Missouri Publications- Medicine and Related Fields:

  1. Schulz, D.J., Lane, B.J.Homeostatic plasticity of excitability in crustacean central pattern generator networks
  2. Mohebbi, M.R., Bernard, R.L., Stickles, S.P. 60 year old man with loss of vision in one eye
  3. Chen, H., Li, X.P., Chen, Y.Y., Huang, G.L. Wave propagation and absorption of sandwich beams containing interior dissipative multi-resonators
  4. Radford, L., Gallazzi, F., Watkinson, L., Carmack, T., Berendzen, A., Lewis, M.R., Jurisson, S.S., Papagiannopoulou, D., Hennkens, H.M. Synthesis and evaluation of a 99mTc tricarbonyl-labeled somatostatin receptor-targeting antagonist peptide for imaging of neuroendocrine tumors
  5. Merrill, A.M., Karcher, N.R., Cicero, D.C., Becker, T.M., Docherty, A.R., Kerns, J.G. Evidence that communication impairment in schizophrenia is associated with generalized poor task performance
  6. Biggerstaff, M.T., Lashley, M.A., Chitwood, M.C., Moorman, C.E., DePerno, C.S. Sexual segregation of forage patch use: Support for the social-factors and predation hypotheses
  7. Marković, M., Daković, A., Rottinghaus, G.E., Kragović, M., Petković, A., Krajišnik, D., Milić, J., Mercurio, M., de Gennaro, B. Adsorption of the mycotoxin zearalenone by clinoptilolite and phillipsite zeolites treated with cetylpyridinium surfactant
  8. Papenberg, G., Becker, N., Ferencz, B., Naveh-Benjamin, M., Laukka, E.J., Bäckman, L., Brehmer, Y. Dopamine receptor genes modulate associative memory in old age
  9. Huang, L., Zheng, D., Zalkikar, J., Tiwari, R. Zero-inflated Poisson model based likelihood ratio test for drug safety signal detection
  10. He, Y., Deng, H., Hu, Q., Zhu, Z., Liu, L., Zheng, S., Song, Q., Feng, Q. Identification of the binding domains and key amino acids for the interaction of the transcription factors BmPOUM2 and BmAbd-A in Bombyx mori
  11. Khowal, S., Siddiqui, M.Z., Ali, S., Khan, M.T., Khan, M.A., Naqvi, S.H., Wajid, S. A report on extensive lateral genetic reciprocation between arsenic resistant Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus pumilus strains analyzed using RAPD-PCR
  12. Kern, R.J., Zarek, C.M., Lindholm-Perry, A.K., Kuehn, L.A., Snelling, W.M., Freetly, H.C., Cunningham, H.C., Meyer, A.M. Ruminal expression of the NQO1, RGS5, and ACAT1 genes may be indicators of feed efficiency in beef steers
  13. Yang, X., Dong, G., Palaniappan, K., Mi, G., Baskin, T.I. Temperature-compensated cell production rate and elongation zone length in the root of Arabidopsis thaliana
  14. Wang, J., Peng, Y., Xiao, K., Wei, B., Hu, J., Wang, Z., Song, Q., Zhou, X. Transcriptomic response of wolf spider, Pardosa pseudoannulata, to transgenic rice expressing Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab protein
  15. Wang, X., Nichols, L., Grunz-Borgmann, E.A., Sun, Z., Meininger, G.A., Domeier, T.L., Baines, C.P., Parrish, A.R. Fascin2 regulates cisplatin-induced apoptosis in NRK-52E cells
  16. Toomey, R.B., Huynh, V.W., Jones, S.K., Lee, S., Revels-Macalinao, M. Sexual minority youth of color: A content analysis and critical review of the literature
  17. Phillips, L.J., DeRoche, C.B., Rantz, M., Alexander, G.L., Skubic, M., Despins, L., Abbott, C., Harris, B.H., Galambos, C., Koopman, R.J. Using Embedded Sensors in Independent Living to Predict Gait Changes and Falls
  18. Benthall, K.N., Hough, R.A., McClellan, A.D. Descending propriospinal neurons mediate restoration of locomotor function following spinal cord injury
  19. Kolicheski, A., Barnes Heller, H.L., Arnold, S., Schnabel, R.D., Taylor, J.F., Knox, C.A., Mhlanga-Mutangadura, T., O'Brien, D.P., Johnson, G.S., Dreyfus, J., Katz, M.L. Homozygous PPT1 Splice Donor Mutation in a Cane Corso Dog With Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
  20. Ruegsegger, G.N., Toedebusch, R.G., Braselton, J.F., Childs, T.E., Booth, F.W. Left ventricle transcriptomic analysis reveals connective tissue accumulation associates with initial age-dependent decline in V˙o2peakfrom its lifetime apex

 View the rest of the list in Scopus, or view recent MU authored articles from other disciplines (in Firefox or Chrome). 


Here’s the list of Top Ten Journals by Impact Factor:


Journal Title

Impact Factor

Nature Reviews Immunology


Annals Of Internal Medicine


Plos Genetics


Current Opinion In Neurobiology


Plant Physiology


Plant Cell And Environment




FASEB Journal


Journal Of Molecular And Cellular Cardiology


Statistical Methods In Medical Research


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, emergency medicine, and social media for the health sciences library.

Cycle of Success: Susan Scott, PhD., RN.

Cycle of Success is the idea that libraries, faculty, and students are linked; for one to truly succeed, we must all succeed. The path to success is formed by the connections between University of Missouri Libraries and faculty members, between faculty members and students, and between students and the libraries that serve them. More than just success, this is also a connection of mutual respect, support, and commitment to forward-thinking research.


Susan Scott, PhD., RN.
Susan Scott, PhD., RN., Manager of Patient Safety and Risk Management in the Office of Clinical Effectivness at MU Health, makes great use of the health sciences librarians. In order for the patient safety standards, and reviews in the hospital to be evidence-based, Susan regularly sends search requests to Taira Meadowcroft, the designated Quality Improvement library liasion, within the Health Sciences Library. 

Taira Meadowcroft
Health Sciences Librarian







"MU Health Care's Patient Safety Team is responsible for the review of clinical care events in which the patient experienced harm from the care rendered. Review of current standards of care and matching them with care rendered is an important part of a comprehensive review. In the past, HSL resources have been an invaluable asset to help us with everything from basic reviews of the literature to more comprehensive and detailed literature reviews. Review of these cases in a timely manner is important. I have found the HSL resources as being highly dependable completing thorough reviews with a quick turnaround time. How awesome to have such amazing resources to help complement our clinical resources! Thank you, HSL and team, for helping us provide the safe care to our patients! Your efforts are truly appreciated but more importantly, I truly appreciate your partnership! Please keep up the great work!"


If you would like to submit your own success story about how the libraries have helped your research and/or work, please use the Cycle of Success form