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Edward McCain Receives NDSA Innovation Award

We are delighted to announce the recipients of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance’s (NDSA) annual Innovation Awards!

Individual Award: Edward McCain, University of Missouri Libraries and Reynolds Journalism Institute
Organization Award: Texas Digital Library
Project Award: UC Guidelines for Born-Digital Archival Description
Educator Awards: Heather Moulaison Sandy
Future Steward Award: Raven Bishop

These awards highlight and commend creative individuals, projects, organizations, educators, and future stewards demonstrating originality and excellence in their contributions to the field of digital preservation.

As the Digital Curator of Journalism and founder of the Journalism Digital News Archive, Edward McCain has been and is a leading voice and passionate advocate for saving born digital news. He has advanced awareness and understanding of the crisis we face through the loss of the “first rough draft of history” in digital formats. In collaboration and with support from colleagues and community members, he has led the “Dodging the Memory Hole” outreach agenda. Thus far, five “Memory Hole” forums have brought together journalists, editors, technologists, librarians, archivists, and others who seek solutions to preserving born-digital news content for future generations. By bringing together thought leaders in the news industry and information science, the forums have broadened the network of stakeholders working on this issue and helped these communities gain critical insight on the challenges and opportunities inherent in preserving content generated by a diverse array of news media, both commercial and non-profit.

Edward McCain would like to mention that the following people have been essential to the success of the “Dodging the Memory Hole” outreach program:

Dorothy Carner, Ann Riley, Jim Cogswell, Mike Holland and Jeannette Pierce, University of Missouri Libraries
Randy PIcht, Reynolds Journalism Institute
Katherine Skinner, Educopia Institute
Peter Broadwell, Todd Grapone and Sharon Farb, UCLA Library
Martin Klein, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Brewster Kahle, Mark Graham and Jefferson Bailey, Internet Archive
Brian Geiger, University of California, Riverside
Anna Krahmer, University of North Texas
Senator Roy Blunt and his staff
Clifford Lynch, Coalition for Networked Information
Martin Halbert, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Jim Kroll, Denver Public Library
Leigh Montgomery, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Eric Weig, University of Kentucky
Frederick Zarndt, Global Connections
The Institute for Museum and Library Services
The Mizzou Advantage
And last but not least, my wife, Rosemary Feraldi

home Staff news 2018 & 2019 Wellness Incentives

2018 & 2019 Wellness Incentives

Biweekly Staff:  If you participated in the 2018 Wellness Incentive program, your Tier 2 payout will appear on tomorrow’s paycheck (not on the Oct 31 paycheck).  Because October is a 3-paycheck month, Oct 17 is the last paycheck that will include benefits. Your October 31 paycheck will also be a little bigger because your before- and after-tax benefits will be excluded from that paycheck.

Monthly Staff: If you are monthly staff and participated in the 2018 Wellness Incentive program, your Tier 2 payout will appear on your October 31 paycheck.

Congratulations! and Good Work! to those that worked so hard to earn the Tier 2 2018 Wellness Incentive!

2019 Wellness Incentive: The 2019 Wellness Incentive program opens on November 1, 2018. The structure will be more flexible than ever with two “cycles” that can be completed together or independently with the ability to earn up to $225 per cycle. For more information, visit the website at https://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/wellness_incentive_2019.


home Staff news Marketing Highlight: Harold’s Doughnuts Shared Engineering Library’s Post

Marketing Highlight: Harold’s Doughnuts Shared Engineering Library’s Post

home Ellis Library, Events and Exhibits, Gateway Carousel, Gateway Carousel HSL, Staff news Celebrate Open Access Week and MOspace 10th Anniversary, Oct. 25

Celebrate Open Access Week and MOspace 10th Anniversary, Oct. 25

October 25, 2018
Ellis Library Colonnade
1-3 p.m.

Join us for refreshments and information about Open Access activities at the University of Missouri. Everyone is welcome!

What is MOspace?
The MOspace Institutional Repository is an online repository for creative and scholarly works and other resources created by faculty, students and staff at the University of Missouri (Columbia) and the University of Missouri–Kansas City. MOspace makes these resources freely available on the web and assures their preservation for the future.

What is Open Access?
Open Access is a growing international movement that uses the Internet to throw open the locked doors that once hid knowledge. Encouraging the unrestricted sharing of research results with everyone, the Open Access movement is gaining ever more momentum around the world as research funders and policy makers put their weight behind it.

home Staff news Request for Chili

Request for Chili

For the past few years, the libraries have hosted a chili cook off to raise money to support the local United Way. I have the job of finding chili cooks for this year’s event which is on Thursday, October 18. So far, we have five pots of chili but need at least five more.


Either Sheila, Shannon, or I will be at the loading dock on Thursday morning to meet people bringing chili.  We will take it to 4F51A and either reheat or make sure it stays warm.  We will also clean up your slow cooker afterward and store leftovers in a container that you can either pick up or leave for others to finish (assuming there are leftovers).

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering,

Gwen Gray, grayg@missouri.edu

home Staff news Marketing Highlight: Mizzou Retweets Special Collections

Marketing Highlight: Mizzou Retweets Special Collections

home Staff news Marketing Highlight: Springshare Tweet About Prices and Wages Libguide

Marketing Highlight: Springshare Tweet About Prices and Wages Libguide

home Staff news United Way Chili Kickoff Is Oct. 18

United Way Chili Kickoff Is Oct. 18

The 2018 United Way campaign has begun! This marks the 71st year that Mizzou and the Heart of Missouri United Way have partnered together for this important cause.

Similar to last year, each division on campus will be asked to focus on giving during a 2-week mini-campaign. The Libraries campaign will be from Monday, October 15 to Friday, October 26. (You can also give before our mini-campaign starts.)

We will have a couple of events at the Libraries to encourage participation in the United Way campaign and to raise some additional money. The first event will be the Chili Kickoff on Thursday, October 18 from 11:30 am to 1 pm. Everyone is welcome, and a donation of $2 to $5 would be appreciated. We will also have some fun pay-to-play games during the Kickoff. In addition, this year we will have a bake sale on Wednesday, October 24 and a contest to see which department can donate the most pocket change. More details to come.

United Way supports a variety of very important programs in mid-Missouri. To learn more, please visit https://www.uwheartmo.org/.

You have several options for giving, either online or ask Sheila Voss for a pledge form. Don’t forget, you can give through payroll deduction.

Thanks to all of you for your time and participation in this year’s United Way campaign!

University Libraries United Way Committee
Sheila Voss, chair
Michelle Baggett
Shannon Cary
Gwen Gray

home Staff news How Does United Way Help Our Community?

How Does United Way Help Our Community?

Heart of Missouri United Way addresses the four key targets that contribute to poverty: lack of access to education, health, financial stability and basic needs services.

Heart of Missouri United Way supports crisis and intervention services, which include the following:

  • Basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, etc.)
  • Personal safety services for individuals and families who face threats to their immediate well-being, including but not limited to domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault
  • A coordinated system of information and referral services

Some of the local agencies that provide basic needs to community members and receive funding from United Way are listed below.

Harvest House
Heart of Missouri CASA
Love INC
Mid-Missouri Legal Services
Rainbow House
Services for Independent Living
Sustainable Farms & Communities
The Salvation Army
The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri
True North of Columbia
Turning Point at Wilkes Boulevard United Methodist Church
Voluntary Action Center

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New MUSE Posts

Weekend Fun: Columbia Micro-Con, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, and the Show Me Fashion Extravaganza

Recipe: Julia Child’s Chicken Soup with Vegetables