The world of the ancient Mediterranean is both strange and familiar. It is a world removed from us by thousands of years, but a world whose influence on everything from art and science to literature and philosophy has been profound and enduring.

This exhibit brings together the strangeness and familiarity of the ancient past, concentrating in particular on the literary and intellectual legacies of ancient Greece and Rome. It considers aspects of the ancient world that differ markedly from the modern, but also some of the ways in which the ancient world has survived into our own. It considers, too, the various technologies that have been used to preserve these legacies from antiquity down to the present day, from ancient scrolls to medieval manuscripts to the printed book.

About the Exhibition

Life and Letters in the Ancient Mediterranean was presented by the Department of Classical Studies, the Museum of Art and Archaeology, the Special Collections & Rare Books Department of the University of Missouri Libraries, and Gamal Castile in September and October 2016. The exhibition was curated by Gamal Castile, Patricia Kelly, Benton Kidd, and Timothy Perry. Website constructed in Omeka by Timothy Perry.