Abi Mirikitani: Madame President Loki

Artist Statement

My name is Abi Mirikitani. I am a third year student, majoring in Digital Storytelling and Spanish, as well as minoring in Theatre. I am passionate about the arts and always looking for ways to combine various interests and abilities to create new projects. As a first time student of costume construction, my goal was to create something that would be basic enough to complete within the semester but refined enough to wear with pride and contribute to my portfolio. After watching the Disney+ Series, Loki, I knew that I would have a blast putting my own spin on President Loki’s look. The dashing god of mischief is iconic enough to be recognized by the masses, but this costume is specific enough to be appreciated by any dedicated MCU fan, such as myself. I wanted to create a vest that resembled the original, while also adding my own preferences and flair in the detailed personalization of its construction.

When I wear this vest, a sensation of confidence takes over. It comes from both identifying with the character and recognizing my own inner strength. To me, dressing up is more than a favorite pastime of my childhood; it is seeing myself in a light of elegance and empowerment that is sometimes harder to unearth when in my own skin, alone. I want my audience to see that confidence and feel it for themselves, knowing that they, too, can be just as powerful as their favorite superhero… or villain.


About the Project

  • Title of Work: Madame President Loki
  • Medium: Women's green, velvet-like vest, lined with a gold, satin-like fabric and accented by gold buttons.
  • Student's Name: Abi Mirikitani
  • Major: Digital Storytelling
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2022
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
  • Student's Mentor: Marc Vital
  • Mentor's Department: Theatre



I am absolutely OBSESSED with your take on President Loki. The vest you designed is incredibly cool and the raw power you emanate in the photos you chose is unmatched. 


Benton Kidd

Even aside from your overall concept, that vest and tie combo is stunning. It could certainly give anyone confidence. Nicely done!


Sarah Humfeld

Abi, I LOVE the color of the vest. But my favorite component are the buttons! Can you tell me more about them? They are reminiscent of a Gaelic knot. Has this specific shape been used in Loki costuming, or is this shape your own adaptation? Thanks for sharing.