Alexandra Gast: A Mind in Color

Artist Statement

Students sit in class every day, many with minds plagued with mental illness. These illnesses are invisible to the naked eye, but they affect so much of their lives. They are surrounded by stigma and colored with judgemental comments. With this floral headpiece, it was constructed to look how we imagine our mind to look. This headpiece is inspired by a PET scan of a brain affected by anxiety. The colorful blooms of purple hybrid delphinium, vibrant orange tulips, yellow statice, and bright pink snapdragons depict the bright and positive thoughts that live in our brains. As the color transitions to a moody palette at the bottom of this design it conveys the constant uncomfortable feelings that come from social situations, the tension before large events, and the overthinking of every word that was said in each interaction. These light mustard yellows, delicate burgundy ranunculus, and various dried products in the tints, tones, and shades of brown create an uncomfortableness in this design and an overarching heavier feeling. While so many are affected by different mental illnesses, this piece of floral art helps to reduce the stigma around mental illness. This design is meant to empower students to be proud of themselves for winning the battles they are fighting on a daily basis and showcase ‘A Mind in Color’.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: A Mind in Color
  • Medium: Floral headpiece 3.5' x 2'
  • Student's Name: Alexandra Gast
  • Major: Agricultural Education (Teacher Certification)
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2023
  • Hometown: Nevada, Missouri, United States
  • Student's Mentor: Lesleighan Cravens
  • Mentor's Department: Plant Science