Jessica Nguyen: Memories That Made Us

Artist Statement

I was told to never make waves. My life has been shaped by my experiences as a second-generation Asian American growing up in a predominantly white town, proudly flying confederate flags. I have spent the majority of my life being ashamed of not being white. My parents learned that working hard and keeping your head down helped them survive, so I did the same. In this stage of my life, I am trying to unlearn my internalized racism and learn that I can make waves. My subject matter consists of Asian American women who have impacted my life and the memories that make up who they are. Each work shows a memory they’ve had that represents their experience as an Asian American thus far. I view each piece as being part of one work of art, connecting us together.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: Memories That Made Us
  • Medium: five 11" x 15.5" prints
  • Student's Name: Jessica Nguyen
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
  • Hometown: Branson, MO USA
  • Student's Mentor: Ric Wilson
  • Mentor's Department: Graphic Design


Sami Sandt



Sarah Humfeld

Jessica, I love these four prints and hope to see more in the series! Each of them tells a complex story in a single image, but 'Sophie' is the one that jumps out to me because she is the only character who appears sad. Can you tell us more about how Sophie fits into the larger series and your artist' statement? Thanks for sharing!


Deborah Huelsbergen

Jess this is awesome! Your illustrations inspire me every time I see them. The colors and fun lettering in these are particularly fantastic!!