Marc Chauvin: Historical Dissonance


Artist Statement

Materiality impacts my perception and habitual impressions impart themselves into the fiber of my being. On the surface, my photos may not seem like photographs. I did not take any of these photographs, rather I have found various historical photos. In a large part, I feel like history is a well of information that ought to be drawn upon. My justification for appropriating comes from the nature of the processes that I use.

Each photo is a collage of spontaneous reaction to previous exposures. Each of these photos undergoes a cycle of processes. Some photographs end at earlier parts than others. First, I start with Cyanotype to give a solid foundation to build on. Second, a red/magenta gum print. Lastly, a turmeric anthotype. These historic photography processes are honestly pretty insane because the early pioneers had to essentially be alchemists. The historical photographs that I have chosen are primarily depicting dangerous or curious situations.

I am interested in engaging the viewer in a conversation of looking and a reflection on narratives. History may be a well of information, but the analysis of history is largely dependent upon those who make history remembered. History is written by the victors, but in our modern age of information some histories are only accessible to a few or are lost in translation. What I am interested in exploring is the dissonance that occurs as history falls further and further in the past.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: Historical Dissonance
  • Medium: Framed Photography
  • Student's Name: Marc Chauvin
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
  • Hometown: Columbia, Missouri, United States
  • Student's Mentor: Chris Danigellis
  • Mentor's Department: Fine Arts



These pieces are incredibly cool! Keep up the great work! 


Benton Kidd

As a historian, I really appreciated the reasoning behind these works. Engaging concepts and certainly among the more interesting of the entries. Well done, Marc.