Emma Johannes: Hanalei Bay Resort

Artist Statement

This thesis project focuses on renovating an existing resort property on the coast of Kauai, Hawaii. The current property is made up of condo-style lodging structures, a few restaurants, and many outdoor community spaces, such as tennis courts and pools. The first part of the project is a renovation of the site, adding more community spaces and large-scale sustainability features. The second part transforms an existing lodging building into a three-level spa. The last part creates a new lodging style for the property, a luxury, private villa.

Inspiration for this project came from my own experiences of when my family stayed at the Hanalei Bay Resort for a vacation a few years ago. When selecting a project, I knew this was the perfect place. There are definitely areas the resort could improve upon, such as the inclusion of Hawaiian culture, additional activities for visitors, and utilization of large and small scale sustainability features.

These improvements combined to create the project concept: Malama. This is a value of traditional Hawaiian culture meaning to honor, take care of and protect. For this project it translates to a mutual care and service amongst the natural environment, traditional Hawaiian culture, and resort visitors. Key concept applications include the sole use of eco-friendly furnishings and materials, use of materials with cultural significance to Hawaii such as eucalyptus and coconut, a modern adaptation of traditional Hawaiian “hale” structures, and new activities for visitors, like the spa and retail shops.

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: Hanalei Bay Resort
  • Medium: four 11"x17" project sheets
  • Student's Name: Emma Johannes
  • Major: Architectural Studies (Interior Design)
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
  • Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
  • Student's Mentor: Laura Cole
  • Mentor's Department: Architectural Studies