Lexie Schrock: Océano Azul

Artist Statement

“Océano Azul” is a women’s evening wear dress that takes direct inspiration from the natural beauty of an unpolluted ocean. As fast fashion has continued to grow over the years, the ocean has faced constant water and plastic pollution as a direct result of negligence from the fashion industry. For this reason, it is important to highlight the damage created by the fashion industry and emphasize the importance of preserving the natural beauty of our oceans. The dress itself is meant to represent the beauty of an unharmed ocean. The shape, color, and design elements of the garment were purposefully chosen to emulate different aspects of the ocean. The dress features both a cowl neck and pleating in the skirt to create the illusion of movement throughout the garment that reflects the constant movement of the ocean. The bottom of the dress offers a series of gathered ruffle panels that shift from lighter to darker shades of blue to reflect the waves and deep colors found in the ocean. The satin fabric was chosen to imitate how the sun reflects off the water while the gathered organza emulates the movement of the waves. In contrast, the fishnet top exists to represent a disruption to the beauty caused by things like plastics, waste, and trash. The top was designed to be removeable as a way to signify a needed change in the fashion industry to keep pollution out of the oceans and help restore its natural beauty.

About the Project

  • Title of Work: Océano Azul
  • Medium: women's cowl neck dress made of stretch satin and organza with a detachable, fishnet long sleeve undershirt
  • Student's Name: Lexie Schrock
  • Major: Textile and Apparel Management
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
  • Hometown: Harrisonvile, MO, United States
  • Student's Mentor: Cheyenne Smith
  • Mentor's Department: Textile and Apparel Management


Lorrie Herling

Amazing Lexi! Super proud of you! 


Cheyenne Smith

Fantastic work, Lexie! Congratulations!


Heather Schrock



Sarah Humfeld

Lexi, I LOVE the juxtaposition of the fishnet and the satin in your dress. Some research indicates that fishing nets are the largest source of plastic pollution in the Earth's oceans, so the ability to remove this component of your garment is especially powerful! Thanks for sharing.