Ariana Engle: In The Future We Will Have Wars for Water

Artist Statement

“The Blue Period” is a video work that stems from the realm of uncertainty, uneasiness, and the pressure that such feelings place on our mental spheres. In the ever-changing political climate that has become a disarray of misinformation, unbearable suppression, and seemingly invisible action, the fear of not knowing how to confront our systems illiteracy in the greater good can feel impossible. This piece reflects upon that political sphere by commenting on the Unites States’ failure to do enough about the current climate crisis and questions what our future holds if we stand idle. The artist looks to their own anxiety and manifests the overwhelming feeling of worthlessness to fight systemic environmental damage into the feeling of drowning, as it is overwhelming to have such little say in a pressing issue. The work echos a prediction that Steven Solomon states in his book Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power and Civilization, that in the future climate change will force us into having wars over water. This statement spirals into a voice that beckons on the powerlessness of our consumption amid the wastefulness of many corporations, as without affirmative action even our possible combatants. The work asks the viewer to treasure the resources we have, but also comments on how even with our individual preventative measures, we as individuals simply cannot take on the possibility of this future alone. 

About the Project 

  • Title of Work: In The Future We Will Have Wars for Water
  • Medium: This work is a video piece that is to be displayed on a wall and ideally could be playing at the same time as each other, making it a surrounding experience. The sound is meant to be loud and jarring.
  • Student's Name: Ariana Engle
  • Major: Art
  • Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2022
  • Hometown: Columbia
  • Student's Mentor: Cathrine Armbrust
  • Mentor's Department: Fine Arts



The vision you have for the displaying of this piece is so incredibly cool. I can definately imagine how overwhelmed one would be if they walked into a room and were just instantly met with these visuals and the sounds -- it kind of makes your breathing hitch with the impression of drowning. I think it's incredibly cool though, great work!