Let the Games Begin

Summer classes are in session and that means it's time for you to take part in the Scavenger Hunt at Ellis Library. Almost 2000 students have already completed it. Now it's your turn!

Get on your feet and go explore Ellis Library with this interactive challenge.  On your way, you will become better acquainted with library spaces and services while decreasing your library anxiety, all at your own pace.   Come with friends or come alone. It will be waiting for you!

You can join the hunt using your smartphone or mobile device.  Go to http://library.missouri.edu/ScavengerHunt to begin!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Green Screen Rooms are now available in 2E21 and 3E21 located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Ellis Library.  To reserve these rooms for up to 2 hours, go online to the room reservation calendar on the library’s homepage. 

You can use the green screen wall to replace the background of your photography and video projects with different settings.  Then, use Adobe Photoshop or Premiere on one of the Mac computers in the Digital Media Commons Lab to edit your work.

Equipment is available for checkout at the Circulation Desk with a student ID.  We have cameras, camcorders, tripods, microphones, portable green/blue screens, and many other items that will help you complete your project.

Go to https://libraryguides.missouri.edu/DigitalMediaCommons to learn more!

Join the Hunt

Come join the Scavenger Hunt at the Ellis Library. Almost 2000 students have already completed it. It is your turn!

You will quickly be aquainted with library spaces and services while decreasing your library anxiety, all at your own pace.   Come with friends or come alone! It will be waiting for you!

Bring a Smartphone or a tablet and start here: http://library.missouri.edu/ScavengerHunt




Books With Personality-On display in the Ellis Library Colonnade, August 1-29, 2014

Books with Personality Poster - Manuscript Cover 2

Presented by the Special Collections Department of Ellis Library

August 1-29, 2014

Ellis Library Colonnade

University of Missouri

“One glance at a book and you hear the voice of another person, perhaps someone dead for 1,000 years.  To read is to voyage though time”

-Carl Sagan

The books on display, from the Special Collections Department of Ellis Library, all carry traces of their former owners. Some contain notes in the margins; others hold mementos between their pages. In either case, these traces tell stories not only about the books’ reception but about the lives of those who read them.