Policy for Posting Flyers on the Ellis Library Information Kiosks

The purpose of posting flyers in Ellis Library is to inform the campus community about educational, cultural and service-oriented programs. Placement of posters is at the discretion of the Director of Libraries, based on space available, time of the event, length of time the Library has had the material and the priority of the material as listed below. The Library will not accept for display or handout commercial, personal or profit-making information.

The Library will display posters providing information about events and issues in the following order of priority based on space available.

  1. Sponsored by the MU Libraries.
  2. Sponsored by an academic department of MU.
  3. Sponsored by a non-academic department of MU.
  4. Sponsored by a local educational organization.

All flyers must include the sponsoring organization’s name and current contact information. Flyers are limited to a maximum size of 11 x 17 inches (exceptions will be made for MU Libraries posters). All postings will be removed the day after the advertised event or on the first day of each month.

Flyers must be reviewed and approved in advance of posting by the MU Libraries Communications Officer, 104 Ellis Library.