Request Items from UMLD

Request Items from UMLD/Annex (Library Depository)

UMLD, the University of Missouri Library Depository, is an off-campus storage facility for infrequently used library materials. Request books from UMLD/Annex off-site storage by using the Place Request button in Discover@MU.

Request books from off-site storage.

request button
  1. Perform your search in Discover@MU.
  2. Select "Place Request" when you find your item.
  3. Enter Pawprint and password. Pawprint not working?


Single Request for Journals or Articles


request button
  1. Request journals through Discover@MU.
  2. Select the Place Request link in Discover@MU for journal volumes.
  3. Currently you can only request one volume of a set at a time so you will need to select the Place Request link multiple times if you need more than one volume of a title.
    • If you need a specific journal article place a request through interlibrary loan (ILL@MU) instead of placing a request for a volume through Discover@MU.