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Zalk Library: Spring Break Hours

Zalk Library Spring Break Hours: March 25 – April 1

Saturday, March 25: Closed
Sunday, March 26: Closed
Monday, March 27 – Thursday, March 30: 7:30am – 6:00pm
Friday, March 31: 7:30am – 3:00pm (please note early closure!)
Satruday, April 1: Closed

Regular hours resume on Sunday, April 2nd, at 2pm.

Have a happy and safe Spring Break!

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Team Zalk: Meet the Pets!

Meet the team behind Team Zalk!

Three cats, two dogs, and one rabbit. Oh, how we love our fur-babies! They bring such joy into our lives — how could we not share their fabulousness?

Kate wants you to Meet Trixie!

Laura wants you to Meet Stitch!  Meet Reg!

Sue wants you to Meet Dexter!  Meet Abu!  Meet Shadow!


A special shout-out to UTK Libraries for the inspiration. #UTKPets

Team Zalk: Meet Reg!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name: Reg, which is short for Regulus.

Breed: Felis catus. Domestic Short Hair. I may have some Russian Blue in me because I have very soft thick fur.

Age: I was born June 24, 2008. So, I am 8 years old

Sibling: Stitch

How I came to live with my human: She adopted me from one of the labs at the Vet School.  

Likes: Playing fetch (it’s not just for dogs you know). I bring my toy up to the top of the stairs & my human tries to throw it past me down the stairs. I sometimes like to cheat by moving half way down the stairs. Laying in the garden windows and watching the birds at the birdfeeders. I’ve tried to catch them, but there’s an invisable barrier that keeps me from getting to them.  Guarding the top of the stairs & checking everyone out who visits because I’m a very social feline. I’m also a very laid back and curious cat. I have to check everything out that is new & different. Going outside whenever I can escape on my own, but my human always brings me back in when she catches me (although sometimes she will let me go out with her). Sleeping with my human. Eating, I really like to eat. I love being petted and having my belly rubbed sometimes. I like to annoy the other feline which sometime gets me in trouble, but we do play at times.  Chewing on the plants, but my human put cages over them so I can’t anymore & the others are behind a closed door.

Dislikes: Being made to move from a spot I’ve chosen for myself; the humans should step around me. Other cats outside. Closed doors. I don’t like being picked up very often. Plastic bags. (I had a very bad experience with one when I was young. I was checking to see what was in them when one attacked & wrapped itself around my back leg. I tried to run from it, but it kept following me. My human finally rescued me by removing it.)

What do I do all day: Whatever I feel like doing which is mostly: Sleep, Eat, Annoy the other cat, Greet my human at the door when she comes home.

My human: Laura Buck

Team Zalk: Meet Stitch!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name:  Stitch. My original name was Stitches, but my human shortened it to Stitch. She sometimes will call me Stitcharoo or Stitchypoo, which I think is a little demeaning.

Breed: Felis catus. I am a Domestic Calico Shorthair.

Age: I was born sometime during the Spring of 2003. So, I am 13 years going on 14.

Sibling: Reg

How I came to live with my current human:  I started out as a stray who was adopted by a college student in Kirksville, MO. It came time for him to move into a new apartment that did not allow pets, of all the nerve. He was going to take me to the local Animal Shelter. My current human’s son knew his mother would take me, even though he hadn’t asked her. So, on Thanksgiving day 2003, I was transported to my new home and have been here ever since.

Likes: Belly rubs from my human. Sleeping in my cat beds. Eating. Treats when I can get them. A dripping faucet. Being combed & petted. Sitting next to my human on the couch. Sunning myself in the garden windows.

Dislikes: That other cat when he invades my space. Having my feet touched. Loud noises especially the vacuum cleaner. Too many humans. The cat carrier since it means I’m going to the V-E-T. Trespassers in my human’s yard, D-O-G-S.

What I do with most of my day: Ignore the other cat as much as possible. Sleep. Occasional trips to the food bowl hoping the other cat hasn’t eaten all of the food. Greet my human when she gets home and follow her around the house.

My human: Laura Buck

Team Zalk: Meet Abu!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name: Abu

Species: Felis catus. Nearly feral river cat.

Age: 2

Siblings: Dexter; Shadow

Likes: Avocado. Coconut oil. Snuggling with Dexter dog. Avian theatre. Rearranging the house as the humans sleep. His binky blanket. His favorite shoe string.

Dislikes: Being touched. Shadow bunny and pretty much everyone except Dexter.

What he does all day: Torments Dexter dog. Plots his escape.

Hero: Himself

One word: Judgemental

Human: Sue Giger



Team Zalk: Meet Shadow!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name:  Shadow

Species:  Oryctolagus cuniculus. Mini Lop-Eared Bunny.

Age: 1

Siblings: Dexter; Abu

Likes:  Pellet treats. His brothers. Apples. Head massages. Hiding.

Dislikes:  Being held. Untimely delivery of pellets.

What he does all day:  Eats hay. Sleeps in his hidey spot. Waits at the door for someone to let him out of his room.

One word:  D’awwww

Human: Sue Giger



Team Zalk: Meet Dexter!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name:  Dexter

Species:  Canis familiaris. Red Heeler/Lab Mix.

Age: 6

Siblings: Abu, Shadow

Likes:  Elk antlers. Chasing squirrels. Playing with the cat. Snuggling. Food. Walks. Singing along with his favorite songs. Creating abstract art with toilet paper.

Dislikes:  Being touched on his paws. The cat or bunny within close proximity of his chew toys. Animals on TV

What he does all day:  Lays on dad’s spot in the bed. Watches avian theatre with the kitty. Barks at random sounds.

Hero: His dad, Chris.

One word: Needy

Human: Sue Giger


Team Zalk: Meet Trixie!

Meet the pets! A look at the team behind Team Zalk!

Name: Trixie Louise

Species: Canis familiaris. Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever Mix.

Age: 12ish

Likes: Cheese. Stalking neighborhood squirrels, bunnies, deer, and possum. Cheese. Napping in the sun. Cheese. Walking around campus on Sunday afternoons. Cheese.

Dislikes: Hot air balloons. The neighborhood C-A-T. Turtles. Arugula. Thunderstorms.

Favorite Books: I, Trixie, Who Is Dog. Remembrance of Things Past. Who Moved My Cheese?

Human: Kate Anderson


Trixie at Jesse Hall Trixie at Columns Trixie on the Quad

More Online Access to Vet Clinics!

We've added additional years of online access to Veterinary Clinics of North America!

You now have access to:

Veterinary Clinics of North America (1971 – 1978)

VCNA: Equine Practice (2002 – present) Note: online access prior to 2002 is not available from the publisher.

VCNA: Exotic Animal Practice (2002 – present)

VCNA: Food Animal Practice (1985 – present)

VCNA: Small Animal Practice (1979 – present)

These "backfiles" were purchased using gift funds. Enjoy!