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The Collective Voices curators—Catherine Armbrust (Bingham Gallery), John Fifield-Perez (SC), and Nicole Johnston (MHCTC) would like to thank Anselm Huelsbergen & Gary Cox at the University Archives for all their assistance gathering images to add depth to this project. And thanks to the gallery assistants for their help in manifesting the show.

George Caleb Bingham Gallery

The George Caleb Bingham Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in the Fine Arts Building, within the Department of Art. As the campus’ only contemporary art space, Bingham Gallery serves the entire MU and Columbia community by bringing high-quality, contemporary art exhibits, events, and visiting artists to our campus. Gallery events are always free and open to the public, and the Gallery Committee schedules exhibitions with the most possible educational value, crossing disciplines and collaborating with other departments whenever possible. For a large portion of the gallery’s annual shows, students are the exhibiting artists. Preparing for and mounting a show is an important part of the educational experience for the undergraduate and graduate students in Art program.

Director, George Caleb Bingham Gallery & Adjunct Faculty

Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection

Established by Carolyn Wingo in 1967 to support the teaching mission of the Department of Textile and Apparel Management within the College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Missouri, the Missouri Historic Costume and Textile Collection collects and preserves clothing and textiles of historic and artistic value for purposes of teaching, research and exhibition. Over 7,000 artifacts range in date from the 19th to the 21st century. An additional 4,000 archival resources – books, magazines, illustrations, and photographs - are also maintained within collection holdings. Artifacts are housed in the climate-controlled Josephine Margaret Holik Conservatory and exhibited in the Abigail and Nicholas Filippello Exhibition Showcase in Gwynn Hall on the University of Missouri campus.

Nicole Johnston
MHCTC Curator, Instructor

University Archives

University Archives is the depository of official records of the University of Missouri as well as of the administrative records of the University of Missouri System. University Archives also houses and preserves private papers, organizational records, and manuscripts that relate to the history of the University, the University community, and the University System.
University Archives is part of the MU Libraries at the University of Missouri.

Anselm Huelsbergen
Technical Services Archivist and University Archivist

Exhibit shot Middleton suit with  MLKJr fore.jpg

Fore, MLK Jr. Letters from Birmingham City Jail, SC.

Mid, Middleton Suit Ensemble, Wool, Cotton Silk. MHCTC.

Back, Student action photos, UA.

Photo provided by Nicole Johnston. 2020.