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HathiTrust Temporarily Offers Expanded Access to Digitized Books

We are pleased to announce that the University of Missouri Libraries now has an additional route for faculty, staff and students to access library books while our doors remain closed. The HathiTrust Digital Library’s Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS) is now activated! This allows our users temporary online access to some materials from our print collection.

Here is some important information about using the HathiTrust Digital Libary:

  1. Login with your university ID to see the temporary access materials.
  2. To activate temporary access once logged in you need to click “check out.”  The loan lasts one hour but can be  renewed as long as another user is not trying to access the same material.
  3. Temporary access only permits downloading one page at a time.
  4. Additonal materials (that are not under copyright) with full-text access are always available through HathiTrust. Those items are indicated by “full text” rather than “temporary access.”
  5. Full-text access allows downloading of the entire book.

You can watch this video for help.

For more information see HathiTrust’s ETAS: Information for Users. For your convenience, this and other temporary resources are listed at Open Educational and Research Resources: Complimentary Publisher and Vendor Access During COVID-19 Outbreak.

For more information or assistance finding these and other materials during the library’s building closure, use our Ask a Librarian service or contact your subject specialist.





home Databases & Electronic Resources, Government Information State Documents Detail Missouri Beer Production and Consumption from the 1930s to the 1970s

State Documents Detail Missouri Beer Production and Consumption from the 1930s to the 1970s

While their covers and titles can be on the generic side, annual reports of State Agencies are filled with interesting information that can be hard to find anywhere else. A great example of this is the Annual Report of the Department of Liquor Control of the State of Missouri, which has chronicled the production and consumption of alcohol in the Show-Me State for four decades.

The Missouri Department of Liquor Control was established in 1934 with two major functions, the collection of revenue and law enforcement. As such, their annual reports are filled with statistical tables detailing how much beer, wine and liquor was produced in and shipped out of Missouri each year, per capita consumption, types of violations charged and more.

The links below contain samples of some of these fascinating tables from 1938 to 1968, including how many millions of gallons of liquor, beer and wine were consumed per year:

If this just wets your whistle and you want to learn more, visit Government Documents in Ellis Library.

Lindsay Yungbluth

Lindsay Yungbluth is a Library Information Specialist at Ellis Library where she works in Government Documents.

home Databases & Electronic Resources Celebrating Women’s Contributions in the Workforce

Celebrating Women’s Contributions in the Workforce

Celebrate Women’s History Month by exploring women’s contributions in the workforce through MOspace. Here are a few items to get you started:

Women and the newspaper (1924)

Women in the laundry industry in Columbia (1915)

As equals and as sisters : feminism, the labor movement, and the Women’s Trade Union League of New York (1980)

Sisterhood as strategy : the collaborations of American women artists in the gilded age (2018)

home Databases & Electronic Resources, Ellis Library Hidden Gems @ the Library: The Architectural Review

Hidden Gems @ the Library: The Architectural Review

The Architectural Review is “a curated selection of the best architectural ideas in the world to inspire your mind and feed your soul,” as described on their website.  This magazine is a monthly international architectural magazine, which has been published in London since 1896.  It features a collection of significant buildings from around the world, accompanied by critiques, photography, drawings, and technical details.  The Architectural Review also includes commentary that focuses on the history of the buildings, the social impact, and the reasons why certain choices were made.

MU Ellis Library has been collecting the magazine since 1896.  Online access is available for issues after 5/1/1993 and can be accessed here: https://bit.ly/2UIkIWp.  Paper copies are available from 1896-present.  To view the records, please click here: http://merlin.lib.umsystem.edu/record=b1878198.

The December 2018/January 2019 naturally caught our eye because it is the library issue, which features books and buildings, “with pieces exploring the architecture and influence of books as well as libraries and archives from across the world, including the winner of the AR Library awards.”

Their digital content is updated daily and can be viewed at https://www.architectural-review.com/.

home Databases & Electronic Resources New Additions in MOspace Show MU Campus in 1903

New Additions in MOspace Show MU Campus in 1903

A few recent additions in MOspace throw us back to the year of 1903 at the University of Missouri.

A map in the 1903 course catalog shows the locations of buildings on campus. The campus has grown significantly since then!

The Bulletin of the University of Missouri, July 1903 is illustrated with photographs of campus buildings, including those below.

Read Hall, opened in September 1903, was the first dormitory for women at the University of Missouri. “The rooms in Read Hall are single and in suites, and are furnished with single bed, chiffonier, washstand, study table and two chairs for each occupant.” To find out more about other early dormitories and fraternity houses on campus, check out Student homes of the University of Missouri.

Other useful sites:

MU in Brick and mortar

MU map collection in MOspace

Happy National Pancake Day!

National Pancake Day, March 5th, is again upon us. Planning an elaborate breakfast to celebrate? Thankfully, publications by the University of Missouri Extension in MOspace are here to lend a hand with recipes and pointers. Here are some tips from “It’s Party Time.”

  • Bake until bubbles appear at the edges of the cake. Turn only once.
  • A slightly lumpy batter makes the lightest pancakes.
  • The cakes will have a better appearance if all the batter to be used in one cake is poured at once. “Spooning it out” in small portions is messy.

For more tips and for recipes, visit MOspace to check out “It’s Party Time,” and other publications related to pancakes and all types of foods for all diets and seasons.

Note: MOspace is an archive for University of Missouri Extension publications. Visit the MU Extension site for the most up-to-date information and publications.

Digital Services Looks Back at 2018

Digital Services at the University Libraries was a busy time for us in 2018. We worked with MU students, faculty and staff to add their works to MOspace, the online institutional repository for MU. We managed MOspace by making those resources widely available to researchers around the world.

We juggled a lot of projects with the goal of providing online access to useful resources. One of our projects was to digitize and make unique and special materials in our library collections available in the MU Digital Library and the HathiTrust, a digital library with content from research libraries and others.

See below for a sample of the projects we completed last year that we are excited to show off to the community.


Partnerships enrich the resources within our institutional repositories.


The MU Libraries are partnering with the HathiTrust to build a digital library of freely available resources.


Digitized MU course catalogs and maps are available in MOspace.


Digital Services staff presented at the annual Missouri Library Association conference.


MOspace is the home of all theses and dissertations by MU students since 2006.


Digitization of United States government documents is making these items easily accessible.


We continue to value the work of our students and staff.


Digital Services ensures permanent access to Center for Studies in Oral Tradition materials.


New scanning equipment helped with productivity.


MOspace turned 10 in 2018.


Trudy the Tiger made her Instagram debut.


Digital Services news can be found at http://library.missouri.edu/news/.

Find out more:

home Databases & Electronic Resources, J. Otto Lottes Health Sciences Library DynaMed Plus is Now Available at the Health Sciences Library

DynaMed Plus is Now Available at the Health Sciences Library

The Health Sciences Library has subscribed to DynaMed Plus on a trial basis for 2019.

Like basic DynaMed, DynaMed Plus offers concise, bulleted, evidence-based information on diseases and drugs, designed for quick use at the point of care.

And like basic DynaMed, you can download it to your mobile device to use offline wherever you are, with no wifi or data plan required.

DynaMed Plus includes thousands of medical graphics and images, including many from the American Medical Association and the American College of Physicians.

It also includes expanded specialty content in emergency medicine, cardiology, oncology, infectious diseases, pediatrics, and obstetrics and gynecology. Much of this content comes from the American College of Physicians, who folded their SmartMedicine/PIER product into Dynamed Plus.

It also includes expanded drug information including medication management and lab recommendations, including IV screening, medication advisory screening and summary drug information from DrugDex Quick Answers, with links to Micromedex  for more detailed drug information.

DynaMed Mobile users can upgrade to the Plus version now. 3 versions are available and you can change versions at any time:

  • Full install (1.11 GB) – all content available offline, including images
  • Partial install (553 MB) – text and thumbnail images available offline
  • Online only (117.7 MB)  – requires internet connection

Click here to install and authenticate DynaMed Plus to your device.

Interested in a training session to learn more about DynamedPlus?  Contact us asklibrary@health.missouri.edu


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is the Public Health and Community Engagement Librarian at the Health Sciences Library at the University of Missouri.

home Databases & Electronic Resources, Special Collections and Archives Celebrate Armistice Day with HathiTrust Books

Celebrate Armistice Day with HathiTrust Books

In honor of Armistice Day, Digital Services and Special Collections added five new items to the HathiTrust. These five items, from the University Libraries collections, offer unique perspectives on World War I.  Each of these is a new addition to the HathiTrust Digital Library.

First, is Democracy and Terms of Peace: An Open Letter to the People’s Council, by William Benjamin Smith of Tulane University. This small book has a large rallying cry to stay the course against the Central Powers.

Missouri and the War, by Floyd C. Showmaker, gives a wide array of information about how Missouri joined the rest of the nation’s call to join the fight against the Central Powers. This item gives farm outputs by cities in Missouri, lists of Missouri war heroes and in what country they fell, as well as a report about a person from St. Louis who discovered a treatment for poison gas.

Included are two pamphlets from the American Red Cross: Our Army and Navy and You and Why One Hundred Million Dollars for American Red Cross War Fund. These pamphlets give a picture of the American home front during the Great War.

Finally, Barney Stone’s Love Letters of a Rookie, is a collection of humorous letters from the author to his sweetheart, Julie. This book includes illustrations by Gordon Ross.

home Databases & Electronic Resources Voter Registration Guide

Voter Registration Guide

2018 Register to Vote Library Guide

Top things to know are:

  • Voter registration deadline in Missouri is Wednesday October 10.
  • First-time Missouri voters must vote in person on November 6, unless they presented acceptable photo ID to the County Clerk at the time they registered. Only those who have voted in Missouri before, or who have presented that ID (not just included their driver’s license number on their registration form), will be sent an absentee ballot when they request one, and they must request it by October 31.
  • If a student wants to register in a district outside Boone County (either in Missouri or in another state), they must be aware that the process for both registration and absentee voting differ, and may be unexpectedly complicated (for instance, to vote absentee when registered in another Missouri county, you have to get that absentee ballot notarized). Our guide has links to other counties’ requirements.

If you have questions that are not answered in the guide, visit the Boone County Clerk’s Office.