home Ellis Library, Gateway Carousel, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Looking for Your Next Great Read?

#TipTuesday: Looking for Your Next Great Read?

Even though Ellis Library is an academic library, we have an entire section of fiction just waiting to be browsed! No matter if you are looking for a work of classic fiction or something more contemporary, Ellis library has the books for you.

Fiction can be found in 2 East between the call numbers PR-PS.

If you are looking for a great classic book, check out these wonderful lists for inspiration!

Remember, if you need help finding a call number or a specific book, come to the Research Help and Information Desk or check out the guide How to Find a Book!

home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Quiet Study Areas

#TipTuesday: Quiet Study Areas

If silence and tranquility are what you need to succeed, this post is for you.

Did you know that Ellis library has designated quiet study areas on four out of five floors?

  • Maps of all the quiet study areas at Ellis library.

Are other students being disruptive in designated quiet areas?

Use our instant message service to request library staff ask students in these areas to be quiet.

If you’d rather call us, just be sure to leave the quiet area first!



home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Discover MU Print & Mail Center (Digiprint)

#TipTuesday: Discover MU Print & Mail Center (Digiprint)

MU Print and Mail Center (Digiprint) is the full photocopy service in Ellis Library. You can print your resume on special paper, create full-color copies, fax documents, and more! You can pay with cash, check, debit/credit card, or charge with your student ID.

Bonus Tip: Check out the book sale. You might find some hidden gems at a huge discount price!

home Databases & Electronic Resources, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Finding Peer-Reviewed Sources

#TipTuesday: Finding Peer-Reviewed Sources

Finding sources that meet the expectations of your professor may seem like a daunting task. However, Mizzou Libraries provides tools to simplify the process of finding high-quality, scholarly sources.

After you search the main search bar on the library homepage, you can limit your results to peer-reviewed sources by clicking this checkbox:




This way, you know the articles you’re viewing have been peer-reviewed and are scholarly.

Other databases may offer a similar option, but each is arranged and designed independently, so the wording or location may be different.

One more pedantic note–it is ultimately your job to determine the quality of source. If you are unsure, you can always chat with a librarian or come to the Research Help and Information Desk for assistance. We are happy to help!


home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Print From Your Laptop!

#TipTuesday: Print From Your Laptop!

Did you know that you can print from your own laptop to a library printer? Download Print Anywhere with four easy steps:

1. Go to the DoIt website and click the yellow button in the middle of the screen that says “Print Anywhere.”

2. Log in to your PrintSmart account and click the “Print Anywhere” tab on the top left.

3. Choose an Ellis Printer. Make sure you know the location of the printer bank you are choosing.

4. It will download like a software on to your computer, and you are ready to go!

If you have any problems, ask at the Research Help and Information Desk!


home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Poster Printing at Ellis Library

#TipTuesday: Poster Printing at Ellis Library

Do you need to print a poster for a project? Don’t worry, Ellis Library has you covered! The printer can be found on the first floor in between Information Commons 1 and 2. Posters can be maximum 42 inches tall and 56 inches wide. The cost is $10 per poster.

Ask at the Research Help and Information Desk if you need help finding it, and the Division of IT student worker in Information Commons 2 can help with your poster printing.

home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Get Articles From Google Scholar

#TipTuesday: Get Articles From Google Scholar

If you’ve found the perfect article on Google, you don’t need to pay for it. Instead, connect your Google Scholar search results to resources you have access to through Mizzou Libraries.

1. Go to scholar.google.com.
2. Click “Settings.”
3. Click “Library links” on the left side of the page.
4. Search for the University of Missouri and select the “University of Missouri – Findit@MU” option.

Now when you search Google Scholar, a Findit@MU link will appear next to materials the library has access to. Click the link to be taken directly to the article.

For more detailed instructions and screenshots, check this guide.

home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Free Equipment Checkouts

#TipTuesday: Free Equipment Checkouts

Did you leave your laptop at home? Forgot your phone charger? Need a camera? The Circulation Desk at Ellis Library can help you out! Check out the available equipment here. All equipment is available with your student ID. Materials can be renewed in person at the desk. But be careful! There is a $2 fine for every hour it is returned late.

So, the next time you are studying all day at the library and your phone dies, don’t worry! Just head over to the Circulation Desk.

home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: How Do I Find?

#TipTuesday: How Do I Find?

Looking for something specific? Try the library’s How Do I Find? page available here or on the library home page under Looking For.

This page will tell you how to find different things in the library from career information to children’s books. Whether you’re looking for data sets or DVDs, check the How Do I Find? page to get a quick answer.

home Ellis Library #TipTuesday: Ellis Auditorium (Room 21)

#TipTuesday: Ellis Auditorium (Room 21)

Do you have a class located in Ellis Auditorium (room 21)? Are you having trouble finding how to get there?

Ellis Auditorium is located on the west side of Ellis Library on the ground floor. To enter the auditorium, use the exterior door between the west entrance and Lowry Mall. A sign marks the location.

If you’re having trouble finding the entrance, visit the Research Help and Information Desk for assistance.