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Video Directions

AC … to … AZ 4 East AC- AP  AS – AZ
B … to … HE 3 East B – DA  DB – DF  DG -DR  DS-HD
HF … to … LT 2 East HF – L 13    L 14 – LT
M … to … NX 4 East M – M 991  M1000 – N   N – NX
P … to … PG 2A West 2A West
PH … to … PQ 2999 3 Central 3 Central
PQ 3000 … to … QL 99 2 East  PQ – Q     Q – QD      QD 381 – QK
QL 100 … to … QR 2 Central 2 Central
QS … to … QZ Health Sciences Library  
R … to …RZ 2 Central 2 Central
S … to … SK 2 West 2 West
T … to … VM 1A West 1A West
W … to …WZ Health Sciences Library  
Z … to … ZA 1 West 1 West
Special Locations and Call Numbers    
001 … 353.7 3 West 3 West
353.8 (Government Documents) 1 East  
353.9… 999 3 West 3 West
MU Depository MU Depository  
SPEC 4 North West Special Collections
Reference 1 East Ask at Reference Desk
Reserve 1 North Ask at Circulation
DVD Collection 1 Central Ask at Reference Desk
Federal Goverment Documents 1 East Ask at Reference Desk
Missouri State Documents 1 East Ask at Reference Desk
Current Periodicals / Journals 1 Central Ask at Reference Desk
Juvenile  3 West 3 West

Maps & Locations

Maps, Locations, & Floor Plans


Library More Information…
MU Annex Request delivery from off-site storage
MU Archives University Archives
MU Depository Request delivery from off-site storage
MU Engineering Library Engineering Library & Technology Commons
MU Geology Geological Sciences Library
MU Health Sciences Library Health Sciences Library
MU Journalism Journalism Library
MU Law Library MU Law Library
MU Math Mathematical Sciences Library
State Historical Society-Columbia State Historical Society of Missouri
Columbia Missourian Newspaper Library Missourian Newspaper Library
MU Veterinary Medical Library Veterinary Medical Library

Can't Find a Book?


  1. Make sure you are looking in the correct library. Check the Library Location.
  2. Make sure the book is not already checked out.  Check the Status.


  1. Look for it yourself
    • Look for the reshelving area and check there. Reshelving areas are usually against walls and are marked RESHELVING.
    • Go to the shelving room of the 4th floor of Ellis and ask for assistance: Map or Video Directions.
  2. Ask for help at the Reference Desk.
  3. Request the Library locate the book and hold if for you at Circulation. This might take several days. Follow the UMLD directions.
  4. See if book is available on another campus (MOBIUS) and request the book be sent to you.




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call numbers breakdown

Find out more about the Library of Congress Classification System.

Circulation Status Codes

Status Code Meaning

If the book is still on the shelf, it can be checked out for a shorter amount of time because of a pending request on it.

BILLED A patron has kept it past the due date.

Checked out until the listed date.

If a book you want is currently checked out, you can learn how request the book from:

a MERLIN library

a MOBIUS library

Interlibrary Loan (ILL@MU)


Is being processed to be added to the library. It will soon be available to check out.


Not available to check out. It is being transferred between libraries.


May only be used inside of the library.

This code is usually reserved for Reference Books and books in Special Collections.


Is lost.

NEW BOOKS On a new book shelf in Ellis or a branch library.
NOT CHECKED OUT In the library and available to be checked out.
ON HOLD Has been recalled by a patron.
ON HOLD SHELF Being held at the circulation desk for the patron who has requested it.
UNDER CONSIDERATION In the approval room for the Library to evaluate. It will most likely be added to the library and soon be available to check out.