home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Free Equipment Checkouts

#TipTuesday: Free Equipment Checkouts

Did you leave your laptop at home? Forgot your phone charger? Need a camera? The Circulation Desk at Ellis Library can help you out! Check out the available equipment here. All equipment is available with your student ID. Materials can be renewed in person at the desk. But be careful! There is a $2 fine for every hour it is returned late.

So, the next time you are studying all day at the library and your phone dies, don’t worry! Just head over to the Circulation Desk.

home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: How Do I Find?

#TipTuesday: How Do I Find?

Looking for something specific? Try the library’s How Do I Find? page available here or on the library home page under Looking For.

This page will tell you how to find different things in the library from career information to children’s books. Whether you’re looking for data sets or DVDs, check the How Do I Find? page to get a quick answer.

home Ellis Library #TipTuesday: Ellis Auditorium (Room 21)

#TipTuesday: Ellis Auditorium (Room 21)

Do you have a class located in Ellis Auditorium (room 21)? Are you having trouble finding how to get there?

Ellis Auditorium is located on the west side of Ellis Library on the ground floor. To enter the auditorium, use the exterior door between the west entrance and Lowry Mall. A sign marks the location.

If you’re having trouble finding the entrance, visit the Research Help and Information Desk for assistance.

home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Studying off the Beaten Path

#TipTuesday: Studying off the Beaten Path

Studying off the Beaten Path

Let us study the libraries
As one prepares for exams,
And while the west stacks may seem scary,
Among the books is a great place to cram.

The Bookmark café may have it all:
Coffee, cookies, and outlets, to boot
While the trees shed their leaves in fall
The best study spaces have been hoarded like loot!

To ace your projects, papers, and tests
Seek study spaces off the beaten path
Whether it is chaos or silence you like best,
Let the libraries be your guide, compass, and map.

If alone or in mobs, find your refuge via Places to Study
Grab a desk in the stacks or reserve room 3G62 and bring all your buddies!

home Ellis Library, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Lost & Found

#TipTuesday: Lost & Found

Did you recently misplace something in Ellis Library? Are you unsure of where to look?

Visit Lost & Found at the security desk located at the west entrance of Ellis Library.

Don’t have time to stop by? Give them a call at (573) 882-2053.


home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Get Help from Your Subject Librarian

#TipTuesday: Get Help from Your Subject Librarian

Did you know that the library has reference librarians? Did you also know there is a librarian for every subject?

The reference librarians here at Mizzou Libraries love to help out students with any research they may need. You can call, e-mail, or even set up an in-person session.

So, no matter what your major, there is a librarian for you! Check the directory to find yours today.

home Databases & Electronic Resources, Resources and Services #TipTuesday: DVDs & Streaming Video

#TipTuesday: DVDs & Streaming Video

You may be aware that Ellis Library has nearly 3,000 DVDs,

but did you know

…you also have immediate access to almost 20,000 streaming videos?

From feature films and documentaries, to tutorials and educational materials, Mizzou Libraries has you covered.

Search DVDs and videos or browse by genre today.


home Resources and Services #TipTuesday: Working on a Group Project?

#TipTuesday: Working on a Group Project?

Get the most out of your group study session by reserving a study room in Ellis Library!

Doors or No Doors? On the first floor, we have rooms with doors and no doors for varying needs of privacy.

Film Studios 2E21 and 3E21 are our film studios. These rooms have a green screen wall that you can use to replace the background on video or photography projects.

Larger Rooms Take the elevator to 3R to find these spacious, private rooms. Check the schedule because sometimes these rooms are used for meetings or classroom instruction.