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Notes from the Director, 12/8/17

Hello everyone,

Just in case you have not heard yet, the Chancellor is closing campus and giving all full-time employees four additional days off with pay between Christmas and New Years Day (Dec. 26-29).

The University Libraries will ALL BE CLOSED as will the rest of campus. Hospitals are not included, obviously.  SHS plans to be closed along with Ellis.

To be clear, no Library staff can work during that time as we are completely closed. Part-timers and students can’t work; full-timers can’t work. Enjoy the extra time off.

More on Monday,

home Staff news New MU Titles in the HathiTrust

New MU Titles in the HathiTrust

Following is a list of MU Titles that were recently added to the HathiTrust. The plus sign before the title indicates that this was a unique contribution to the HathiTrust; i.e., no one else had contributed a copy of this. Some of the items were new when we started digitizing them and another institution has contributed them in the meantime. These volumes were digitized by the Digital Services Department.

Government Publications

+ Cotton hosiery for women : a portfolio of design / by David H. Young. 1942.

+ Fall and winter seasonal apparel. 1942.

Farm labor / Crop Reporting Board, Statistical Reporting Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. 1944-1946.

Journalism Typography Project

American line type book, borders, ornaments, price list printing material and machinery. 1906.

+ American specimen book of type styles, complete catalogue of printing machinery and printing supplies, vol. 1-2. 1912.

+ Barnharts big blue book containing specimens superior copper-mixed type. : Borders, ornaments, rule, etc. manufactured by Barnhart brothers & Spindler. 1897.

A brief history of printing, volume 2 / by Frederick W. Hamilton … 1918

+ Catalogue of body type faces both modern roman and oldstyle : together with a showing of body type sundries, list of accents, miscellaneous signs, etc. 1913.

+ Hygiene of the printing trades / [by] Alice Hamilton and Charles H. Verrill. 1917.

+ New type faces, borders, ornaments / produced by this company since the publication of the American specimen book of type styles. 1912.

+ The practice of typography : correct composition; a treatise on spelling, abbreviations, the compounding and division of words, the proper use of figures and numerals, italic and capital letters, notes, etc. … 1916.

The printed book / by Harry G. Aldis. 1916

+ Specimens of plain and fancy brass rule : as shown in the 1912 American specimen book of type styles. 1912

+ Specimens of types & borders, and illustrated catalogue of printers’ joinery and materials. 1919.

Special Collections and Rare Books

+ Anakreontos Tēiou Melē = Anacreontis Teii Odae / ab Henrico Stephano luce & Latinitate nunc primùm donatae. 1554.

+ Aristotelous Peri kosmou, pros Alexandrou : Aristotelis De mundo liber, ad Alexandrum : cum versione latina Gulielmi Budaei. 1745

Bibliografía aragoneza del siglo XVI / Juan M. Sánchez. 1913-1914.

Ek tōn Aristotelous kai Theophrastou = Aristotelis et Theophrasti scripta quaedam : quae uel nunquam antea uel minus emendata quam nunc edita fuerunt. 1557.

+ Eine Anzahl wertvoller Schriften / Geschnitten, und herausgegeben von Gebr. Klingspor. 1914.

+ Mémoire de droit public sur la ville de Strasbourg et l’Alsace en général. 1789.


home Staff news Library Management Team Information and Action Items, 12/5/17

Library Management Team Information and Action Items, 12/5/17

LMT 12.05.17 Information and Action Items


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New MUSE Posts

Web tip of the week, December 4, 2017

Holiday Food Drive!

Recipe of the week: Slow cooker Chocolate Turtles (Holiday Edition)

Events for this weekend: Magic Trees, donuts with Santa and lots more.

home Staff news In the News

In the News

“How your study environment affects your productivity”
Move Magazine (The Maneater), Dec. 7, 2017

“10 tips to get you ready for finals week”
Move Magazine (The Maneater), Dec. 7, 2017

home Staff news Winter Preparation and Planning

Winter Preparation and Planning

To view the full snow removal map of campus, go to: http://mu-cf-map.col.missouri.edu/snowremoval/. Employees can plan to use any primary sidewalk (marked in green on the map) during inclement weather.

  •    Only the Chancellor can cancel classes or close the campus.
    • Discuss plans for snow days with your supervisor. Questions about leave time should be directed to your supervisor and/or Sheryl Cullina.
    • Make sure you have current emergency phone numbers and email addresses for communicating effectively during any winter weather emergency. Keep your cell phone charged.
    • If you drive, have your vehicle serviced and carry emergency items (blanket, flashlight, ice scraper).
    • If you ride the city bus, know your snow route and check the website for current route status.
    • Before heading out, let someone know where you are going and the route you plan to take. Call when you have arrived safely at your destination.
  • While at Work
    • All office windows should be firmly shut and locked.
    • Space heaters are not allowed in library facilities. Dress in multiple layers, if necessary.
    • Report any weather-related injuries to your supervisor, Security, and/or Sheryl Cullina.

Since  9th St is closed off and access to the loading dock is limited, where can I plan to be dropped off during winter weather if I carpool?

Answer: If I were dropping off a rider, I would plan to approach Ellis Library from Hitt Street. Before pedestrian campus hours, riders can be dropped off at the stop sign on Lowry Mall and enter the building through the North entrance –OR–  at the end of the South sidewalk and enter the building through the West entrance. During pedestrian campus hours, riders can be dropped off at the corner of Hitt/Univ and enter through the North entrance –OR–  at the corner of Hitt/Rollins and enter through the West entrance.

Keep in mind that both North and West entrances are cleared before the loading dock area. Staff should not plan to use the loading dock as a winter weather entrance/exit.

The closest MODOT maintained street to Ellis Library is College Avenue. The City has designated campus streets as a Priority Area (indicated in Orange on the map below). To view more information about City-maintained streets, please visit https://www.como.gov/comosnow/priority-snow-routes/. An interactive map is available to view the latest information about road conditions.

The Steam Tunnel project construction is currently scheduled to keep Ninth St closed through May 2018.

home Staff news Marketing Highlights

Marketing Highlights

We are often surprised by what posts and tweets our social media followers respond to the most. Last week a story from Access Services about an overdue book, sparked a lot of interest on Facebook. Thanks to Charlotte Landreth for posting this story.



home Cycle of Success, Staff news Jeannette Pierce Selected as Association of Research Libraries Fellow

Jeannette Pierce Selected as Association of Research Libraries Fellow

Jeannette Pierce, associate university librarian for research, access, and instructional services, has been named a 2018-2019 Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Leadership Fellow. The ARL Leadership Fellows program facilitates the development of future senior-level leaders in large research libraries and archives. The Association has selected 30 individuals to participate in the 2018–2019 cohort of this executive leadership program.

Pierce stated, “I am honored to be selected as a 2018-2019 ARL Leadership Fellow. This is an outstanding opportunity to join a cohort of peers who are passionate about developing the knowledge and leadership skills needed to ensure that research libraries continue to be vital to the success of our students, faculty, and institutions now and in the future. Many thanks to Vice Provost & University Librarian Ann Campion Riley and my colleagues at the University of Missouri Libraries for supporting my participation in the program.”

In response to a continued need to develop future leaders of ARL member institutions, the ARL Leadership Fellows program is designed to build on self-assessment and reflection and to explore a personal/professional area of interest in the context of a group setting. During the course of the program, each fellow will construct a learning plan; engage in a customized, immersive experience to shadow a library director; participate in three weeklong institutes hosted by sponsoring ARL institutions; participate in online synchronous sessions; and attend semiannual Association Meetings.

Ann Riley, vice provost and university librarian, said, “All of us at the Libraries are delighted to hear of Jeannette’s selection for this honor. She’s very deserving and reflective of the excellence of our librarians.”

The 2018–2019 Leadership Fellows applicant pool was highly competitive. The new fellows represent a broad array of backgrounds, experiences, and institutions.

home Staff news New MUSE Posts

New MUSE Posts

Web tip of the week, November 27, 2017

Recipe of the week: Eric Cusick’s super easy tater tot casserole (MULSA Thanksgiving)

Events for the weekend: Holiday Spirit!


home Staff news Law Library Policies During Exam Weeks

Law Library Policies During Exam Weeks

I wanted to give you advance heads up that the Law Library will be closed to non-law students the weekends of December 2-3 and December 9-10 in order to help make the library a quieter place for their two weeks of exams.

However, we do want to accommodate anyone with a need for materials located in our library.  This is the approach we’ve used in the past and it seemed to work well:

(1)    If a patron notifies someone at Ellis Library that they need to browse the collection at the law library then you can call our Circ. Desk (882-1123) and one of our people will meet them at the doors and let them in the library to use the collection.

(2)    We have notices on the doors of Hulston Hall to let people know they can check in or call the circ desk if they need to use the collection in the law library.

It might be helpful for me to clarify the law library access policy.  During the typical school year our library is open to anyone (non-law students included) who needs to do legal research, and make use of any materials in our library.  It is not open for students to use the space to just study; students need to have a need for materials in our collection.  We are particularly vigilant in enforcing this policy during exam season as it is a stressful time.  Typically for law students the final exam is the only opportunity to affect their grade, and the exam season is two weeks long.