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Underground Comics Syndicate Proofs Collection


Underground Comics Syndicate Proofs Collection


The collection consists of a sample of underground comics published by Rip Off Press, and includes the work of comic artists Ted Richards, Frank Stack (Foolbert Sturgeon), Dave Sheridan, Gilbert Shelton, Harry Driggs (R. Diggs), Bill Griffith, J. Michael Leonard, Sheridan Anderson, Larry Gonick, and Joel Beck.


Shelton, Gilbert, 1940-, artist
Richards, Ted, artist
Leonard, J. Michael (Cartoonist), artist
Sturgeon, Foolbert, artist
Stack, Frank, donor
Sheridan, Dave, 1943-1982, artist
Beck, Joel, artist
Anderson, Sheridan, artist
Diggs, R., artist
Griffith, Bill, 1944-, artist
Gonick, Larry, artist