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New MUSE Posts

Web tip of the week, September 4th 2018

Recipe of the week: Mayonnaise Banana Bread

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Marketing Highlights

We sent out the first electronic version of Library Connections a couple of weeks ago. Staff should have also received the newsletter. We received positive feedback from our donors. We send out two paper copies of Library Connections, our donor newsletter, a year. We hope to continue to send out regular electronic editions of the newsletter and occasional engaging emails to our supporters throughout the year.

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Identity Standards for MU and the Libraries

Over the last several years, the University of Missouri has adopted identity standards that relate to what we call ourselves and the images we use to represent the institution. To find a complete list of these rules, visit identity.missouri.edu.

Here are some key things to remember:

  • We no longer use “Columbia” when referring to our campus, it is just the University of Missouri, MU, or Mizzou.
  • Mizzou is to be used in informal situations or when students are the primary audience.
  • The stacked MU is the primary logo for the University. There are strict rules about using the stacked MU.
  • Each unit has their own unit signature. It is the stacked MU with the name of the unit and the University of Missouri.
  • You can get the the Libraries’ unit signature from me. If you need anything printed with the unit signature, please make sure it has been approved by me or Printing Services.
  • When referring to the Libraries, use University of Missouri Libraries in the first instance and use University Libraries after that. You may use Mizzou Libraries in informal situations, such as on social media.

If you have questions, please contact me.

Shannon Cary

home Staff news Reminder Regarding Library News Notes Submission

Reminder Regarding Library News Notes Submission

Here are a few policies and procedures regarding News Notes.

1. Items for News Notes should be submitted to me by noon on Thursday. Please let me know if you will have a late submission.

2. Please send completed items as you wish them to be posted in the blog. This saves time and confusion. If you would like help in composing your post or if you want me to edit the post, please let me know in advance of the submission deadline.

3. If you have images for your posts, please send them to me as a .jpg or .pdf file attached (not inserted in) to your e-mail.

4. Items must be work-related. If you have personal items, please submit those to the MUSE blog.

4. If you have corrections to items in News Notes, please send them directly to me.

Thank you for your cooperation. Following these procedures will aid me in making sure that News Notes items are published quickly and accurately. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Shannon Cary

home Staff news New MUSE Posts

New MUSE Posts

Web tip of the week, August 28, 2017

Recipe of the Week: Salmon Patties

home Staff news Call for Graduate Studies Awards, Fall Cycle

Call for Graduate Studies Awards, Fall Cycle

The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to share the following calls for nominations for the MU graduate studies fall cycle awards.  Nominations for the following awards are being sought:

The nomination process is provided in the links above.  The deadline for all fall cycle awards is 5 PM CDT on November 1.  We anticipate award decisions from the Graduate Faculty Senate in the beginning of December.

We are excited to showcase both the important scholarly contributions of our graduate students and the outstanding mentoring of graduate students conducted by faculty.  Please help us in making your faculty and students aware of these awards.  Please post in prominent locations, distribute this widely and encourage your faculty to nominate the work of both their graduate students and graduate mentors.

home Staff news Library Management Team Information and Action Items, 8/29/17

Library Management Team Information and Action Items, 8/29/17

LMT 08.29.17 Information and Action Items

home Staff news Retirement Party for Barb Jones, Oct. 2

Retirement Party for Barb Jones, Oct. 2


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Notes From the Director

Hello everyone,

This morning we have some good news—we have been advised by the Provost’s Office that we will be getting funds restored to us that were cut from our collections budget for FY18, the fiscal year we are in now.  This will enable us NOT to have to make the terrible serials cuts that were planned.  We don’t know the exact amount yet, but I will share it as soon as possible. Of course we will continue to manage our collections budget to the most advantage we can to support research and scholarly work.

In other news, the Libraries are hosting some donors this Friday morning, who MAY make a major gift in the future to help us add a digital media/makerspace area.  You may see us touring around the Info Commons and West Reference.  If you’re over there at that time, be your cheerful, busy selves.

We also have the new Chancellor, Alex Cartwright, scheduled to speak at our Oct. 10 Staff Advisory Group meeting at 10 am in Ellis 114A.  Plan now to attend! Watch for the meeting notice.

I’m hoping for good news soon on building the extension to UMLD1.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Notices have gone out to those appointed to Library committees this year.  LMT did some revision to the committee structure, and the Exhibits Committee and Marketing Committee now don’t have appointees other than the people whose work relates to the groups.  We have discontinued the Faculty Lecture Series Committee also. Thanks to all who volunteered to serve on the committees we have, which help us do our work.

Information has gone out on the memorial service for Debbie Melvin.  I know you all join me in offering condolences to her family.  This has been a tough year, to lose two long-time staff.  Karla Geerlings has been gone less than six months, and of course lives on in our memories.  Work is a big part of most people’s lives, and the Libraries are very fortunate to have dedicated staff who have stayed with us for many years.  Let’s all be thankful for each other as we move into another academic year.




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Employment Opportunity

The Libraries have an immediate opening for a Library Specialist at UMLD.  This position is open to current university employees only.

For additional information, including salary, work hours, and how to apply, please visit the Libraries webpage at   http://library.missouri.edu/about/employment/employopp/#staff_job_openings.