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Requesting Materials from the MU Libraries Depository

This year at UMLD, we are particularly thankful for E-Learning Librarian Navadeep Khanal and his talented team of Graduate Assistants for creating this short video on how to request materials from the Depository. The video was created using equipment available through the Libraries’ own Digital Media and Innovation Lab. For more information on either the Depository or the resources available from the Digital Media and Innovation Lab, please click on the included links.

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Happy 20th Birthday, UMLD!

Today we’re excited to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the dedication of the first module (U1) of the University of Missouri Libraries Depository, and what better way to celebrate than to take a look at how our permanent UMLD location supports the wonderful campuses and libraries of the UM System! Happy birthday, U1, we hope you will continue to serve our students, faculty, and staff for many years to come!


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Celebrating the King

Here at the University of Missouri Library Depositories, we’re all about the King. And while we couldn’t make it to Graceland to mark the 40th anniversary of Elvis’ death last week, we were still celebrating here in Columbia. If you would like a little more Elvis in your life–and who wouldn’t, really–give a listen to this 1976 copy of Elvis’ The Sun Sessions, available now for check-out.

home Locations, Resources and Services The Odd-Fellows’ Offering, vol.11 (1852)

The Odd-Fellows’ Offering, vol.11 (1852)

We’re often awed by the beautiful bookplates and illustrations we find at the University of Missouri Library Depositories, and some of the most impressive we’ve come across of late are from volume 11 of The Odd-Fellows’ Offering. Published in 1852, this volume is part of the series collecting “gems of American literature by distinguished members of the order and other eminent writers.” While we work to make it available for check out, why not have a look at some of the other volumes, available online through https://www.hathitrust.org/.