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Memories from the Pandemic

Thanks to everyone who contributed their memories!

Covid-19 Pandemic Memories

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Mizzou Libraries by the Numbers, Remote Spring 2020

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the Mizzou Libraries to move to remote work, we were able to quickly pivot to providing remote services. Because the Libraries already work hard to serve the research needs of our students and faculty where they are, we were well positioned to continue providing remote services while coming up with new ways to provide the service that is usually in person. The above graphic highlights the amount of work that was done during the last half of the spring semester.

Remote Spring 2020, by the numbers

Questions answers via text, email, phone and chat: 1,857

Taught 773 students in 31 online instruction sessions

243,926 searches in online databases and 491,251 website visits


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Covid-19 Testing Info and FAQ

Hy-Vee Pharmacies Offering Free Covid-19 Testing

COVID-19_Testing Power Point 

home Staff news Coming Soon: Symptom Check Required to Access Ellis Library and Other Buildings on Campus

Coming Soon: Symptom Check Required to Access Ellis Library and Other Buildings on Campus

MU has made the decision to require symptom checks through the #CampusClear app in order to enter some buildings on campus. The complete list of buildings hasn’t been made public, but Ellis Library will be one of the buildings. We believe the Rec Center and the Student Unions will also have this requirement. The campus-wide implementation is underway, and Kathy Peters is working with SOS staffing services to manage the screening station, which will be at the west entrance. Although a date hasn’t been confirmed, this will probably start at the beginning of October. All patrons and staff will be screened during all normal business hours of Ellis Library. Staff who come in when the library is not open to the public will not be screened, but remember that supervisors are allowed to ask you if you have checked your symptoms. If someone chooses not to use the #CampusClear app, there will be an alternative symptom check method.

We will keep you updated as we receive further information about this new procedure. In the meantime, you should download the app and check your symptoms daily.

More Information About Downloading and Using #CampusClear