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Start Using the #CampusClear App Today

At the Mizzou Libraries, we are concerned about the health and safety of our Tiger community. Part of that effort is creating a culture of awareness by requiring faculty, staff and students to monitor their health daily. The practice is also recommended for visitors. Now, self-monitoring is made easier with #CampusClear.

#CampusClear is a self-screening mobile application designed to support campus community members as they monitor their day-to-day health and respond to potential COVID-19 symptoms. #CampusClear provides a daily push notification and self-monitoring only takes a few seconds. The app will also act as a pass to provide students, faculty and staff access to designated locations in the future.

To sign up:

  1. Access the app on the App Store, Google Play or via the web.
  2. Indicate if you are a student, an employee or a visitor. Faculty, staff and students should use their university email address to automatically register with the university. No other contact information is needed.
  3. Visitors will be asked to select the school they wish to visit and may provide either their phone number or personal email address to sign in.
  4. Users will be asked to finish authentication via the email they provided for registration.