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Increase Your Research Impact Through Open Access Publishing

A great way to increase the readership of your research is to ensure it is easily accessible and affordable. You can publish research open access or if you’ve retained your rights, you can deposit your work into MOspace. MOspace is Mizzou’s institutional repository, depositing work into MOspace gives you a permanent record of your work and is free to access. Learn more about MOspace.

Ensuring that your work is easily accessible allows more people to access, read, and discuss your work.

How To Make Your Work Open:  

Retain Your Rights: No matter where you publish, the single most important thing you can do to remain in control of your impact is Retain Your Rights. It’s your copyright – don’t just sign it away! Contracts are often negotiable. And read those agreements: you may have more rights to share your research than you realize.  

Know Your Options: Choose the right venue for your research and know your open access options.

Share Your Work: Deposit your research in MOspace, MU’s Digital Institutional Repository. Submitting your work to MOspace is easy. Just log in with your SSO and complete the Creative Commons license.

Are you curious about open access and repositories? Contact us!