Welcome to Jill Kline

The MU Libraries are pleased to announce that Jill Kline has been hired as a student success librarian. Jill has a Master of Library and Information Science from MU and a Bachelor of Secondary Education from Union College. Jill has been working in libraries since 2013 starting as a student worker. After graduating from Union …

Thank You to Summer Welcome Volunteers

The Mizzou Libraries connected with over 2,400 new students and their parents/guardians during Summer Welcome 2024 tabling! Thanks to all our wonderful volunteers for tabling during 22 sessions this summer! Jara Anderson Megan Ballengee Anne Barker Rachel Brekhus Abbie Brown Janice Dysart Gwen Gray Jill Kline Noel Kopriva Mara Inge Taira Meadowcroft Kimberely Moeller Stephen …

Summer Arts & Crafts Show on Display in Ellis Library

Mizzou employees from the MU Libraries, Museum of Anthropology and Museums of Art & Archaeology share their talents and hobbies in a summer art show! Thanks to the exhibitors: John Henry Adams, Janice Dysart, Tammy Green, Amanda J Staley Harrison, Starra Herron, Jill Kline, Haley Lykins, Susan McCormack and Nicole Merzweiler.

Thank You to Special Collections Field Trip Volunteers

Along with the museums, Special Collections hosted field trip visits for all the sixth grade classes in Columbia Public Schools during April and May. Over 1,300 kids and teachers visited and learned about palm leaf books from Southeast Asia, cuneiform tablets from ancient Mesopotamia, and papyrus from ancient Egypt. We have gotten feedback that the …

Marketing Highlight: Barbie Instagram Reel

Thanks to Megan Ballengee, Danielle Gorman, Gwen Gray, Gabe Harman, Jill Kline, Haley Lykins, and Kimberly Moeller for helping with the barbie instagram reel we posted this week! I appreciate all your help! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mizzou Libraries (@mizzou.libraries)

Highlighted Newshub Posts of the Week

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Welcome New Librarians

Welcome to all our new librarians! Haley Lykins, temporary librarian in special collections Supervisor: Kelli Hansen Start date: June 1 Janet Hilts, research and instructional services librarian Supervisor: Rhonda Whithaus Start date: July 14 Jenny Thompson, associate university librarian for ACTS Supervisor: Deb Ward Start date: July 17 Megan Ballengee, community engagement coordinator Supervisor: Deb …