home Cycle of Success, Zalk Veterinary Medical Library Congrats to Brian Jochems on his PLoS ONE article!

Congrats to Brian Jochems on his PLoS ONE article!

Congratulations to VM-3 student Brian Jochems on his PLoS ONE article!

Brian and Dr. Tom Phillips of the Biology department recently co-authored Histological and Ultrastructural Studies on the Conjunctiva of the Barred Owl (Strix varia).


Well done!

Your Guide to Open Access

Check out our Open Access Guide! It’s chock full of information on what OA is; what it is not; how to retain your copyright; and much more.


Have questions navigating the OA landscape? Contact Kate.

Open Access Panel

MIZZOU IS OPEN FOR COLLABORATION: A Panel Discussion at Ellis Library

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
Ellis Library, Room 114, 4-5pm
Refreshments will be served

“Open for Collaboration” is the theme of the global observance of Open Access Week 2015. Making research, papers, presentations and other works freely available can drive collaboration and advance research. Join us to hear from three panelists from the University of Missouri who will speak from different viewpoints about the impact of open access. 

•Jack Schultz, who will serve as moderator of the panel, is the director of the Bond Life Sciences Center and a Professor of Entomology. His research is in chemical and molecular ecology and he has published over 150 scientific papers, many in open access journals.
•Denice Adkins is a researcher in the School of Library Science & Learning Technologies who seeks to make her works freely available and recently added several presentations and published articles to MOspace.
•John Zemke is the editor of the online journal, Oral Tradition, which became a free, open-access periodical in 2006 as a way to expand readership and authorship.
•Randy Diamond is the director of MU Law Library, which manages a vibrant open access repository of scholarly and archival materials called Scholarship Repository.

NIH Public Access Policy

Slides from the November 7th Fridays @ the Library session on the NIH Public Access Policy have been posted to the NIH Public Access guide!


Questions? Ask Kate.

NIH Public Access Policy (or…Zen & the Art of Public Access)
This session will provide an overview on complying with the NIH Public Access Policy. Learn how to find and use PMCIDs; submit articles to PubMed Central; and view and manage policy compliance with MyNCBI’s My Bibliography. Topics will also include a brief overview of Open Access journals and how they relate to funding agency policies.

Instructor: Kate Anderson, Head, Veterinary Medical Library

Date & Time: Friday, November 7th, 1 – 2 pm

Location: W235 Vet Med Bldg

home Resources and Services, Zalk Veterinary Medical Library Publishing in PNAS? Get a discount on the OA fee

Publishing in PNAS? Get a discount on the OA fee

MU corresponding authors are eligible for a $350 discount on the Open Access fee for PNAS. To make your article freely available immediately, the discounted fee is $1,000 instead of the regular $1,350. More information.

Note: all PNAS articles are freely available after 6 months.

MU Libraries Open Access Guide

ZPH Special Issue on Systematic Reviews

Check on the Zoonoses & Public Health Issue on Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis in Animal Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine !

See especially the article on searching the literature, written by Kate Anderson, Head of the Zalk Veterinary Medical Library (aka yours truly…):

O’Connor AM, Anderson KM, Goodell CK, Sargeant JM. Conducting systematic reviews of intervention questions I: Writing the review protocol, formulating the question and searching the literature. Zoonoses and Public Health 2014;61 Suppl 1:28-38 doi: 10.1111/zph.12125. PMID: 24905994.

Open Access: What It Is, What It Isn’t

Find out more about Open Access: https://libraryguides.missouri.edu/openaccess

Six OA myths put to rest

home Resources and Services, Zalk Veterinary Medical Library Open Access Fees: Handy Comparison Chart

Open Access Fees: Handy Comparison Chart

Looking for a list of Open Access fees? Check out the Eigenfactor Cost Effectiveness of Open Access Journals: http://www.eigenfactor.org/openaccess/index.php

Veterinary Journals: http://www.eigenfactor.org/openaccess/index.php?catid=38&pt=0

More info: http://www.nature.com/news/price-doesn-t-always-buy-prestige-in-open-access-1.12259

What is Open Access?

Have you ever wondered just what Open Access really is?  Here’s an 8-minute video, brought to you by the PhD Comics folks: http://www.openaccessweek.org/video/open-access-explained-by-phd-comics.

Read more about Open Access.

Finch Report on Open Access

The Working Group on Expanding Access to Published Research Findings (U.K.) has recently published  “Accessibility, sustainability, excellence: how to expand access to research publications.” It’s know as the Finch Report after chair Dame Janet Finch. Check it out online!

Finch Report

The report states:

“The principle that the results of research that has been publicly funded should be freely accessible in the public domain is a compelling one, and fundamentally unanswerable. Effective publication and dissemination is essential to realising that principle, especially for communicating to non-specialists. Improving the flows of the information and knowledge that researchers produce will promote

  • enhanced transparency, openness and accountability, and public engagement with research;
  • closer linkages between research and innovation, with benefits for public policy and services, and for economic growth;
  • improved efficiency in the research process itself, through increases in the amount of information that is readily accessible, – reductions in the time spent in finding it, and greater use of the latest tools and services to organise, manipulate and analyse it; and
  • increased returns on the investments made in research, especially the investments from public funds.”

Science Magazine’s recap: UK Panel Backs Open Access for All Publicly Funded Research Papers

Additional info: UK Says It Will Move to Open Access for Publicly Funded Research