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Recent University of Missouri Publications in Medicine and Related Fields: February 2017

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Recent University of Missouri Publications- Medicine and Related Fields:

  1. Schulz, D.J., Lane, B.J.Homeostatic plasticity of excitability in crustacean central pattern generator networks
  2. Mohebbi, M.R., Bernard, R.L., Stickles, S.P. 60 year old man with loss of vision in one eye
  3. Chen, H., Li, X.P., Chen, Y.Y., Huang, G.L. Wave propagation and absorption of sandwich beams containing interior dissipative multi-resonators
  4. Radford, L., Gallazzi, F., Watkinson, L., Carmack, T., Berendzen, A., Lewis, M.R., Jurisson, S.S., Papagiannopoulou, D., Hennkens, H.M. Synthesis and evaluation of a 99mTc tricarbonyl-labeled somatostatin receptor-targeting antagonist peptide for imaging of neuroendocrine tumors
  5. Merrill, A.M., Karcher, N.R., Cicero, D.C., Becker, T.M., Docherty, A.R., Kerns, J.G. Evidence that communication impairment in schizophrenia is associated with generalized poor task performance
  6. Biggerstaff, M.T., Lashley, M.A., Chitwood, M.C., Moorman, C.E., DePerno, C.S. Sexual segregation of forage patch use: Support for the social-factors and predation hypotheses
  7. Marković, M., Daković, A., Rottinghaus, G.E., Kragović, M., Petković, A., Krajišnik, D., Milić, J., Mercurio, M., de Gennaro, B. Adsorption of the mycotoxin zearalenone by clinoptilolite and phillipsite zeolites treated with cetylpyridinium surfactant
  8. Papenberg, G., Becker, N., Ferencz, B., Naveh-Benjamin, M., Laukka, E.J., Bäckman, L., Brehmer, Y. Dopamine receptor genes modulate associative memory in old age
  9. Huang, L., Zheng, D., Zalkikar, J., Tiwari, R. Zero-inflated Poisson model based likelihood ratio test for drug safety signal detection
  10. He, Y., Deng, H., Hu, Q., Zhu, Z., Liu, L., Zheng, S., Song, Q., Feng, Q. Identification of the binding domains and key amino acids for the interaction of the transcription factors BmPOUM2 and BmAbd-A in Bombyx mori
  11. Khowal, S., Siddiqui, M.Z., Ali, S., Khan, M.T., Khan, M.A., Naqvi, S.H., Wajid, S. A report on extensive lateral genetic reciprocation between arsenic resistant Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus pumilus strains analyzed using RAPD-PCR
  12. Kern, R.J., Zarek, C.M., Lindholm-Perry, A.K., Kuehn, L.A., Snelling, W.M., Freetly, H.C., Cunningham, H.C., Meyer, A.M. Ruminal expression of the NQO1, RGS5, and ACAT1 genes may be indicators of feed efficiency in beef steers
  13. Yang, X., Dong, G., Palaniappan, K., Mi, G., Baskin, T.I. Temperature-compensated cell production rate and elongation zone length in the root of Arabidopsis thaliana
  14. Wang, J., Peng, Y., Xiao, K., Wei, B., Hu, J., Wang, Z., Song, Q., Zhou, X. Transcriptomic response of wolf spider, Pardosa pseudoannulata, to transgenic rice expressing Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab protein
  15. Wang, X., Nichols, L., Grunz-Borgmann, E.A., Sun, Z., Meininger, G.A., Domeier, T.L., Baines, C.P., Parrish, A.R. Fascin2 regulates cisplatin-induced apoptosis in NRK-52E cells
  16. Toomey, R.B., Huynh, V.W., Jones, S.K., Lee, S., Revels-Macalinao, M. Sexual minority youth of color: A content analysis and critical review of the literature
  17. Phillips, L.J., DeRoche, C.B., Rantz, M., Alexander, G.L., Skubic, M., Despins, L., Abbott, C., Harris, B.H., Galambos, C., Koopman, R.J. Using Embedded Sensors in Independent Living to Predict Gait Changes and Falls
  18. Benthall, K.N., Hough, R.A., McClellan, A.D. Descending propriospinal neurons mediate restoration of locomotor function following spinal cord injury
  19. Kolicheski, A., Barnes Heller, H.L., Arnold, S., Schnabel, R.D., Taylor, J.F., Knox, C.A., Mhlanga-Mutangadura, T., O’Brien, D.P., Johnson, G.S., Dreyfus, J., Katz, M.L. Homozygous PPT1 Splice Donor Mutation in a Cane Corso Dog With Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis
  20. Ruegsegger, G.N., Toedebusch, R.G., Braselton, J.F., Childs, T.E., Booth, F.W. Left ventricle transcriptomic analysis reveals connective tissue accumulation associates with initial age-dependent decline in V˙o2peakfrom its lifetime apex

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Here’s the list of Top Ten Journals by Impact Factor:


Journal Title Impact Factor
Nature Reviews Immunology 39.416
Annals Of Internal Medicine 16.593
Plos Genetics 6.661
Current Opinion In Neurobiology 6.373
Plant Physiology 6.280
Plant Cell And Environment 6.169
Bioinformatics 5.766
FASEB Journal 5.299
Journal Of Molecular And Cellular Cardiology 4.874
Statistical Methods In Medical Research 4.634