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Upcoming Diversity Opportunities, October 29th- November 2nd

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will send out upcoming opportunities every week we think will be of interest. We hope that you will help us continue to build a library culture of diversity and inclusion. At the end of each month, we will have an open forum for those who are interested in debriefing about the workshops/sessions/trainings you attended.

Invited Lecture: “New(er) Challenges of Equity and Representation in Bureaucratic Agencies.”– Dr. K. Jurée Capers, Georgia State University
Monday Oct. 29th 11am-12:30pm, Memorial Student Union, S206

As the nation becomes more diverse, bureaucratic agencies must contend with how to best serve a shifting population that has a range of distinct needs, while simultaneously upholding the nation’s commitment to equality and equity. Having a racially diverse bureaucracy is thought to be one way to ensure equity in service delivery, but this approach is likely to become less useful due to the diverse influx of new immigrants. Using New York City public school data from the 2005-2006 to 2015-2016 school term, this work examines the role of intra-racial group differences in bureaucratic decision making. The research contends that differences in socio-political experiences and interests may limit a bureaucrat’s willingness and ability to ensure equitable service delivery for newcomers that share a bureaucrat’s racial identity, but not his ethnic identity.  Empirical tests assess the extent to which native-born Black bureaucrats serve foreign-born Black clients—does representation cross ethnic lines?  The findings hold implications for understanding the role that bureaucrats play in meeting the interests and will of diverse communities as well as the potential limitations of representative bureaucracy.


“I Am Evidence” Film Screening and Discussion
Tuesday, Oct. 30th 6-8pm, Leadership Auditorium

I AM EVIDENCE tells the story of four survivors whose rape kits went untested for years, following them as they navigate their way through the criminal justice system and learn that so often, the system is broken. The film reveals the historic nature of the way we treat the crime of sexual assault in this country, and the positive effects that occur when perpetrators are held accountable and survivors are given an opportunity for healing and justice. I AM EVIDENCE has won the audience award for Best Documentary Film at both the Provincetown and Traverse City Film Festivals.


Wednesday Wonderings Weekly Discussion Series
Wednesday Oct. 31st 12-1pm, Townsend Hall 220

The purpose of this series is to provide the opportunity for the Mizzou Ed community to learn from one another, exploring different perspectives on current event topics. The goal for this discussion series is to aid participants in the understanding of our shared humanity while also valuing our different experiences and perspectives.


Understanding Bias
Thursday Nov. 1st, 10:30-11:15am, Lafferre Hall W1005 Ketcham Auditorium

Join Dr. Rahhal for an interactive session that facilitates an open dialogue about unconscious bias, creates shared understanding of how bias works and addresses how to counter its effects in order to drive more inclusive behaviors. Mara Inge signed up for this session and would love some company 🙂

Please sign up for this session here:


Global Crossings: An International Student’s Journey of Adjustments and Readjustments
Thursday Nov. 1st 11am-12pm, Townsend Hall 220

Sijie Yao shares her experiences as a high school student living with an American host family, pursuing her undergraduate degree at Mizzou, returning to China, and coming back to the US for a master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis.


A Talk with Miss Israel Titi Aynaw
Thursday, Nov. 1st 6-8pm, Strickland Hall 210

Titi Aynaw is a top Israeli model, former Miss Israel, television personality, Israel advocate and community leader. In 2013 she became the first Israeli-Ethiopian to win the Miss Israel title, opening the door for other Ethiopian models and causing advertisers to reassess their attitudes towards black models. She had never modeled previously and was unknowingly entered into the beauty competition by a high school friend. The win brought pride to the Ethiopian community and she is considered one of their leading role-models and spokespeople.


Delta Gamma Foundation Lectureship with Jeannette Walls
Thursday, Nov. 1st 7-9pm, Jesse Auditorium

Jeannette Walls is an excellent example of the America success story: coming from a three room house in West Virginia without heating, air conditioning or plumbing, to being a renowned author and journalist with a book on the New York Times best-seller list. Walls is widely known as the author of The Glass Castle, a memoir from her nomadic childhood family life. The book was later adapted into a feature film. She serves as an inspiration to all to be true to yourself, and pursue your highest dreams with determination to make them a reality.

Tickets are free for MU students with an MU ID and $20 for the vernal public. Tickers are available at the MU Student Center Ticket Office.


Fostering Personal and Community Resilience
Friday, Nov. 2nd 12-1:30pm, Women’s Center, MU Student Center

This session is apart of the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity’s series on Inclusions and Belonging.  The purpose of the series is to nurture personal, professional and community development to enhance belonging at Mizzou. The series seeks to create spaces for participants to develop inclusive strategies and deepen community connections on campus.

To register, you can email Alejandra Gudiño .


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is the Public Health and Community Engagement Librarian at the Health Sciences Library at the University of Missouri.