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Be An Informed Voter

Election Day is right around the corner: Tuesday, November 3rd!

How are you supposed to know who and what you can vote for? Where can you get the information you need to make your voting choices?

  1. Find out who or what can you vote for by getting a sample ballot
  2. Research candidates and issues. There are many resources available to help with your research:
    1. Candidate websites
    2. Local news outlets. In Columbia we suggest the Columbia Daily Tribune: Politics and Election Coverage and Columbia Missourian’s Election Coverage
    3. Voting records of the candidates
    4. Judge reviews
    5. Local groups- these might be local organizations, civic groups that organize around a cause, non-profit organizations, or community clubs.
    6. Public libraries. The Daniel Boone Regional Library in Columbia has a great election guide.
  3. Research ballot measures. Read the text of the ballot measure before election day to make sure you understand what it says, and what a YES or NO vote means. As you research the proposal, pay attention to the types of information you are reading.
  4. Ask questions about your research. When you are conducting research keep in mind where the information is coming from. Who is speaking and what are their sources? What’s the bias in the information you are reading? Who paid for this? Whose perspective is this and whose perspective is missing? Can you fact check this?
  5. Make notes and bring them with you to vote. Make sure to double check the rules at your polling place.

Visit the Mizzou Election Hub for resources available to you on campus.

This year, all registered voters in Boone County can vote at Mizzou Arena. Remember that you will need to bring an ID to vote.

Thanks to UMKC Libraries for the inspiration behind this be an informed voter post.


Taira Meadowcroft

Taira Meadowcroft is a Health Sciences Librarian at the University of Missouri. She focuses on quality improvement, reference, and marketing for the University of Missouri Libraries.