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1,000 Documents Added to the MU Extension Collection in MOspace

Since the beginning of 2020, Mizzou Libraries’ Digital Services department has added 1,040 MU Extension publications to MOspace, the University of Missouri System institutional repository. These include historical and current publications. We digitized older publications, dating back to 1915 — “Reducing waste in feeding hay” — and added publications from the MU Extension website through 2019.

Extension publications cover a variety of topics including farming, farm animals, gardening, clothing tips, healthy diets and managing a club. Here are two to get you started in your exploration of the collection.

For hobbyists, learn about braided rugs, sewed rugs, crocheted rugs, woven rugs, knitted rugs and hooked rugs.

This publication gives us a reminder that in the past the United States has discussed plans to adopt the metric system. As noted in the publication:

“By the time 1980 rolls around … the United States will be well on its way to adopting the International Standard of Units or, as it is more commonly referred to, the metric system. The International System of Units was formally adopted by the countries of the world in 1960. This system has six standard units from which all measurement can be derived. These six units are: meter (m) … kilogram (kg) … second (s) … degree Kelvin … ampere (amp) … candela (cd).”–First page.

Note: For many topics, particularly those related to farming, gardening and food, always check the MU Extension website for current information.