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Recent University of Missouri Publications in Medicine and Related Fields: January 2017

See below for University of Missouri authored articles added to Scopus in the last 30 days from medicine and related fields. Click here for an explanation on how these searches are run monthly to identify articles and how the lists are compiled.

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Recent University of Missouri Publications- Medicine and Related Fields

  1. Robinette, C., Saffran, L., Ruple, A., Deem, S.L.Zoos and public health: A partnership on the One Health frontier
  2. Kruse, S.G., Bridges, G.A., Funnell, B.J., Bird, S.L., Lake, S.L., Arias, R.P., Amundson, O.L., Larimore, E.L., Keisler, D.H., Perry, G.A.Influence of post-insemination nutrition on embryonic development in beef heifers
  3. Crim, J.Medial-sided Ankle Pain: Deltoid Ligament and Beyond
  4. Sun, X., Qian, M.-D., Guan, S.-S., Shan, Y.-M., Dong, Y., Zhang, H., Wang, S., Han, W.-W., Bush, C.Investigation of an “alternate water supply system” in enzymatic hydrolysis in the processive endocellulase Cel7A from Rasamsonia emersonii by molecular dynamics simulation
  5. Popescu, L., Gaudreault, N.N., Whitworth, K.M., Murgia, M.V., Nietfeld, J.C., Mileham, A., Samuel, M., Wells, K.D., Prather, R.S., Rowland, R.R.R.Genetically edited pigs lacking CD163 show no resistance following infection with the African swine fever virus isolate, Georgia 2007/1
  6. Gajaraj, S., Huang, Y., Zheng, P., Hu, Z.Methane production improvement and associated methanogenic assemblages in bioelectrochemically assisted anaerobic digestion
  7. Xiong, J., JiJi, R.D.Insights into the aggregation mechanism of Aβ(25–40)
  8. Curtis, A.K., Scharf, B., Eichen, P.A., Spiers, D.E.Relationships between ambient conditions, thermal status, and feed intake of cattle during summer heat stress with access to shade
  9. Cabandugama, P.K., Gardner, M.J., Sowers, J.R.The Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System in Obesity and Hypertension: Roles in the Cardiorenal Metabolic Syndrome
  10. Michelin, E.C., Massocco, M.M., Godoy, S.H.S., Baldin, J.C., Yasui, G.S., Lima, C.G., Rottinghaus, G.E., Sousa, R.L.M., Fernandes, A.M.Carryover of aflatoxins from feed to lambari fish (Astyanax altiparanae) tissues. Article in Press.
  11. Segal, S.S.Enhanced functional sympatholysis through endothelial signalling in healthy young men and women
  12. Sanchez, N.Suitability of the National Health Care Surveys to Examine Behavioral Health Services Associated with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Article in Press.
  13.  Adhikari, B., Nowotny, J., Bhattacharya, D., Hou, J., Cheng, J.ConEVA: A toolbox for comprehensive assessment of protein contacts
  14. Cao, R., Bhattacharya, D., Hou, J., Cheng, J.DeepQA: Improving the estimation of single protein model quality with deep belief networks
  15.  Zheng, Y., Hivrale, V., Zhang, X., Valliyodan, B., Lelandais-Brière, C., Farmer, A.D., May, G.D., Crespi, M., Nguyen, H.T., Sunkar, R.Small RNA profiles in soybean primary root tips under water deficit
  16. Williams, A., Howenstine, D.Case report: Worsening of longstanding headaches, dizziness, visual symptoms · Dx
  17. Vuong, T.D., Walker, D.R., Nguyen, B.T., Nguyen, T.T., Dinh, H.X., Hyten, D.L., Cregan, P.B., Sleper, D.A., Lee, J.D., Shannon, J.G., Nguyen, H.T.Molecular characterization of resistance to soybean rust (Phakopsora pachyrhizi Syd. & Syd.) in soybean cultivar DT 2000 (PI 635999)
  18. Jia, G., Sowers, J.R.Targeting CITED2 for angiogenesis in obesity and insulin resistance
  19. Kwong, E., Burns, M.K.Preliminary study of the effect of Incremental Rehearsal with a morphological component for teaching Chinese character recognition
  20. Stiers, K.M., Lee, C.B., Nix, J.C., Tanner, J.J., Beamer, L.J.Synchrotron-based macromolecular crystallography module for an undergraduate biochemistry laboratory cours

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Top ten journals by impact factor are:

JAMA Journal Of The American Medical Association 37.684
Science Translational Medicine 16.264
Annual Review Of Genetics 12.235
Diabetes 8.784
Frontiers In Immunology 5.695
JAMA Surgery 5.661
Advances In Nutrition 5.201
Annals Of Emergency Medicine 5.008
Journal Of Physiology 4.731
Journal Of Molecular Biology 4.517

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